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Abyssinia may refer to :

Places and jurisdictions[edit]

  • Today's Ethiopian Empire, which was historically known as Abyssinia, a nation that comprised the northern half of present-day Ethiopia, and parts of present-day Eritrea. Note that this does not refer to the ancient Ethiopian Empire.
  • the former Eastern Catholic missionary Apostolic Vicariate of Abyssinia (initially Apostolic Prefecture of Abyssinia, later Apostolic Vicariate of Addis Abeba, Apostolic Exarchate of Addis Abeba, ultimately Metropolitanate sui iuris of Addis Abeba)
  • Ethiopia, the modern nation, historically known by the pars pro toto Abyssinia

Other uses[edit]



  • "Abyssinia, Henry" was the 72nd episode of the television series M*A*S*H. The episode was the last for the character of Henry Blake; "Abyssinia" was a reference to the word's slang use for "goodbye" ("I'll be seeing you").

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