Senegalia nigrescens

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Senegalia nigrescens
Acacia nigrescens, habitus, Steenbokpan, a.jpg
In Limpopo, South Africa
Scientific classification
S. nigrescens
Binomial name
Senegalia nigrescens
(Oliv.) P. J. H. Hurter
  • Acacia nigrescens Oliv.

The Knobthorn (Senegalia nigrescens) is a deciduous African tree, growing up to 18 m tall,[1] that is found in savanna regions from West Africa to South Africa. The tree is resistant to drought, not resistant to frost and its hard wood is resistant to termites.[1] Giraffes often browse on the flowers and foliage of this tree, while the seed pods and foliage are browsed on by a range of mammals, including elephants.[2]



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