Acadèmia dels Jòcs Florals

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Statue of Clémence Isaure by Antoine-Augustin Préault in the Reines de France et Femmes illustres series in the Jardin du Luxembourg
Dame Clémence Isaure by Jules Joseph Lefebvre
Toulouse France Silver Medal 1819 Clémence Isaure, 1450 - 1500, obverse
Toulouse France Silver Medal 1819 Clémence Isaure, Restorer of the Jòcs Florals, reverse

Acadèmia dels Jòcs Florals ("Academy of the Floral Games"), or Consistòri del Gai Saber ("College of the Happy Science"), is the most ancient literary institution of the western world. It was founded in 1323 in Toulouse[1] , and later restored by Clémence Isaure as the Consistori del Gay Saber with the goal of encouraging Occitan poetry. The best verses were given prizes at the floral games in the form of different flowers, made of gold or silver, such as violets, rose hips, calendula officinalis, amaranths or lilium. The Consistori eventually became gallicised. It was renewed by Louis XIV in 1694 and still exists today. The Académie des Jeux Floraux has had such prestigious members as Ronsard, Marmontel, Chateaubriand, Voltaire, Alfred de Vigny, Victor Hugo and Frédéric Mistral.

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