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Limited liability company
Industry Software development, Internet
Founded Ljubljana (1992)
Headquarters Ljubljana, Slovenia

ACADEMA is a privately held Slovenian engineering software development company, founded in 1992 and based in Ljubljana. The company is oriented to custom made solutions fitted to special purpose, based on: Modeling of Processes, Numerical Analysis, Optimization Methods, Geometric modeling, Topology and Formal logic.

The name of the company is an acronym for Advanced Computer Aided Design Engineering Manufacturing Agency.


In the early 90's, the company developed software for Civil Engineering, Mechanic of Structures, Computational Fluid Dynamics and CNC Machining, but later on, in the mid of 90's, moved to Geographic Information Systems[1][2][3][4][5] and Geostatistics also. In the late of 90's, web services were developed, based on DHTML, ActiveX and Java. The transition to Internet-based solutions affected the customer acquisition especially in the sphere of public utilities, particularly in reducing costs on client-side.

Engineering backgrounds[edit]

The above engineering solutions are conditioned with the necessary basic knowledge in various fields, therefore the need for interdisciplinary is obvious.

Software engineering backgrounds are based on:

Technical backgrounds[edit]

Technical backgrounds are based on:


Application server[edit]

CAE product[edit]

Most Slovenian viaducts between 1993 and 2004 were calculated with the program. The engineers in the Slovenija ceste Tehnika and the Gradis, the two of the largest construction companies in Slovenia, used programme for statical analyses of the prestressed bridge constructions.[9]

GIS product[edit]

  • AVIATOR, tools and components to develop complex GIS applications
DHTML and ActiveX/OpenGL web application (The look as it was in the year 1999)

Production systems[edit]

Free web information service[edit]


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Digital Terrain Model Generator + Textures(Maps) + Vectors

Internet services based on technology developed and owned by company:

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