Academia de l'Aragonés

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Academia de l'Aragonés
Formation 2006
Headquarters Zaragoza, Aragon, Spain
Region served
Official language
Manuel Castán
Main organ
Consello de Gubierno

The Academia de l'Aragonés (in English, Academy of the Aragonese Language) is an organ founded on 15 July 2006 by the 2nd Congress on the Aragonese so as to be the linguistic authority for the Aragonese language. It has no official recognition by the Aragonese government.

The aims of the Academy, according to its statute, are:

  • Investigate all the oral and written manifestations of the Aragonese language
  • Gather and update its lexicon
  • Regulate the Aragonese toponymy and onomastic
  • Research and formulate spelling, grammar and phonetic rules for all the constitutive dialects
  • Fix, develop and improve the standard modality
  • Procure respect to the linguistic rights of Aragonese speakers


It has 15 full members and 5 honorary members, and its current (as of 2012) president is Manuel Castán.

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