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The Academic Chronicle (Russian: Московско-Академическая летопись, translit. Moskovskaya akademicheskaya letopis) or Suzdal' Chronicle (Russian: Суздальская летопись, translit. Suzdalskaya Letopis)[nb 1] is a late 15th-century compilation of other Russian-language chronicles. The chronicle was probably compiled in Rostov based on the Primary Chronicle, Radziwiłł Chronicle (events before 1206), Sofia First Chronicle (events 1205–1238), and Rostov collection (events 1238–1418).[2] The chronicle was published in full in the Complete Collection of Russian Chronicles in 1927. The only surviving original is preserved in the Russian State Library.[2] It is an important source for Russian history of the preceding centuries, and is currently being discussed for its importance for early Russian literature.[3]


  1. ^ The 15th-century Suzdal' Chronicle should not be confused with the 14th-century Suzdal' Chronicle, which covers events from 1111 to 1305 and which survives through the copy in the 1377 Laurentian codex.[1]


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