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Academic College Group

Academic Colleges Group (ACG) is a private company operating independent schools and property companies[1] in New Zealand and Asia.[2][3] The Group comprises a total of 10 schools in three countries with over 5000 students and 600 staff members. The company's educational services encompass pre-school learning through to university level. The schools are secular, uniformed, co-ed and teaching to the University of Cambridge International Examinations syllabus.


There are four ACG schools in Auckland, New Zealand: ACG Senior College,[4][5] ACG Parnell College,[6][7] ACG Strathallan,[8][9] and ACG Sunderland.[10][11][12] There are also three international schools within Auckland: ACG English School,[13] ACG Norton College[14] and ACG New Zealand International College.[15][16] All three are located at ACG City Campus in central Auckland.[17]

ACG is also an education exporter[18] and is the owner of ACG International School Vietnam, and ACG International School Jakarta.[citation needed] The Group also owns the Australian International School, Saigon which uses the same campus in Ho Chi Minh City as ACG International School Vietnam for its Senior School.[19] In October 2012 the group announced plans to merge the two schools in Ho Chi Minh and retire the ACG brand from Vietnam. The merged school will be known as the Australian International School (AIS) [20] despite an earlier announcement that the schools would not be merging and would retain separate cultures.[21]

In August 2013 the group announced plans to open ACG Tauranga, a new private school on the outskirts of Tauranga for term one in 2015.[22][23]


The company was founded in 1994 with Dawn Jones (ex-Diocesan School for Girls) and Sir John Graham (ex-Auckland Grammar School), both well-known New-Zealand educationalists[24] on the board, but neither are currently directors[25] or shareholders.[26] They started by developing the idea of a senior school for Auckland (ACG Senior College).[citation needed] The idea was backed by financial advisers, including Danny Chan[27] and Ian King, who contributed to the education business development. In February 2013 Waterman Capital took a 24% cornerstone shareholding in the company.[28] ACG is currently headquartered on Queen Street in central Auckland.


ACG has won the following awards: 2011

  • The Language Travel Magazine Awards for ‘LTM Star High School’.[29][30]
  • 2011 exporter of the year award in the consultants and services category at the Air NZ Cargo awards[31][32]


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