Academic grading in Egypt

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In Egypt the academic grading system functions with a worded grade and increases in increments from 30-10 points.

The title gayyid giddan or very good denotes the second highest mark possible, on par with a "B" student.[1]

Percent Qualification
 85–100 Excellent (Momtaz) (Arabic: ممتاز‎)
 75–84  Very good or Distinct (Gayed Gedan) (Arabic: جيد جدًا‎)
 65–74  Good (Gayed) or credit(Arabic: جيد‎)
50–64  Acceptable (Maqboul)or pass (Arabic: مقبول‎)
 30–49  Weak (Daeef) (Arabic: ضعيف‎)
  0–29  Very weak (Daeef Gedan) (Arabic: ضعيف جدًا‎)


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