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The academy sergeant major[1] is the senior non-commissioned officer instructor at a military academy.

British Army[edit]

At the British Army's Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, the academy sergeant major (AcSM)[Note 1] holds the rank of warrant officer class 1. Almost always held by a guardsman, it is one of the most senior warrant officer appointments in the British Army.

Australian Defence Force[edit]

At the Australian Defence Force Academy, the academy sergeant major (ASM) also holds the rank of warrant officer class 1 or equivalent and is drawn on rotation from all three services.


  1. ^ ASM in the British Army stands for artificer sergeant major, an appointment in the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers.


  1. ^ Note that in the British Army, the plural is "academy sergeant majors" and not "academy sergeants major". "(Supplement) no. 48587". The London Gazette. 16 April 1981. p. 5671.  "no. 25044". The London Gazette. 2 December 1881. p. 6467.  The earliest usage of "sergeant majors" in The Times is in 1822. The last of the (very occasional) usages of "sergeants major", except when referring to American NCOs, is in 1938.