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The Academy of Arts, Careers and Technology (AACT) is a career-tech high school in Reno, Nevada that is a part of the Washoe County School District. The school nickname is the Trailblazers, the mascot is a phoenix, and they do not have uniforms. AACT's motto is "Imagine the possibilities!"

The school is divided into seven different fields the students can pursue in their high school career. This allows for a wider academic reach, but also provides insight into professional fields of work. By the end of their high school career, students can be job ready, or very prepared for college. The goal of The Academy of Arts, Careers and Technology is to provide students with the best possible way to succeed in life, and their dreams. Currently, the school holds a five star rating with the Washoe County School District.


Business & Finance[edit]

  • Computer Literacy
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing
  • Personal Finance
  • Principles of Business & Marketing
  • Work Experience - Business & Marketing

Communications Arts & Media[edit]

  • Animation I
  • Graphic Design I / II / III
  • Photography
  • Video Production I / II / III

Culinary & Hospitality[edit]

  • Baking & Pastry I & II
  • Culinary Arts I / II / III
  • Hospitality Management I & II

Education and Training[edit]

  • Human Development
  • Early Childhood Education I / II / III

Engineering & Renewable Energy[edit]

  • Advanced Mechanical Principals & Design
  • Drafting & Design I / II / III
  • Intro to Metalworking
  • Machine Tool Technology
  • Mechanical Principals & Design
  • Metalworking
  • Welding Technology I & II

Medical Careers[edit]

  • Emergency Medical Service
  • Health Occupations I & II
  • Health Science
  • Emergency Medical Technician
  • Medical Terminology

Natural Resources and Animal Science[edit]

  • Agriculture I & II
  • Natural Resources & Wildlife Management
  • Veterinary Sciences


AACT has a small campus on Edison Way near the Reno-Tahoe International Airport and KTVN Channel 2 News CBS, and occupies a two-story "green" building with a unique architectural design. The older half of the building is circular with each classroom having one glass wall and facing the center of the circle. The new addition to the building is 46,000 square feet with an operational bank, restaurant, bakery, and three-part commercial kitchen. The new addition also contains two physical education classrooms, a business classroom and a horticulture/vet med classroom with a fully functional green house including an animal pen. The old wing contains multiple medical classrooms, with a simulation hospital room. Also in the old wing is a two sided broadcast studio, with a classroom side, and a studio side with two lighting set-ups. The broadcast studio can also be turned into a still image studio and a green screen set for virtual news sets and special effect films.

Extracurricular activities[edit]


Although the Academy does not have sports teams of their own, students have the ability to participate in sports at their zoned high school. However, transportation is the responsibility of the parent and/or student. Currently, approximately 15% of the student body at the Academy participates in football, basketball, soccer, track, cross country, cheerleading, swimming or baseball at their zoned high schools.

Career & Technical Student Organizations (CTSO)[edit]

The Academy of Arts, Careers and Technology is active in SkillsUSA, HOSA and FFA. All Academy students participate in a (CTSO) affiliated with their academy. Through their academy and CTSO, students are eligible for leadership and officer positions, as well as participating in competitions and camps.

  • FFA
    • Natural Resources & Animal Sciences
  • HOSA
    • Medical Careers
  • SkillsUSA
    • Business & Finance
    • Communications, Arts & Media
    • Culinary & Hospitality
    • Education and Training
    • Engineering & Renewable Energy

Service Learning and Capstone Project[edit]

The Academy is committed to connecting students to the community and helping them recognize and embrace their leadership capacity and civic responsibility. All students participate in meaningful service experiences throughout high school, culminating in a capstone project that addresses a community need utilizing their academic/skills knowledge. In total, students must complete a minimum of 66 hours by the end of their senior year.


The Academy of Arts, Careers and Technology, formerly known as The Regional Technical Institute (RTI), and Glenn Hare became a full-time four-year high school in the fall of 2009.


The Academy of Arts, Careers and Technology was rated five stars in the Washoe County School District. This was one of two schools to receive this rewarding.

The Academy of Arts, Careers and Technology currently has a 100% graduation rate for the class of 2013.

Academy of Arts, Careers and Technology currently has a 100% graduation rate for the class of 2017.

Inappropriate Student Relation Allegations[edit]

On May 17, 2018, Maren Oates, a Communications teacher at The Academy of Arts, Careers and Technology, was booked into county jail under "allegations that a District employee engaged in an inappropriate relationship with a student." [1] She was placed on administrative leave and held on a $20,000 dollar bond at the Washoe County Jail.


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