Canadian Screen Award for Best Costume Design

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The Genie Award for Best Achievement in Costume Design is awarded by the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television to the best Canadian costume designer.


Year Nominee Film
1st Genie Awards
Louise Jobin Cordélia
François Barbeau Chocolate Eclair (Éclair au chocolat)
Linda Matheson Fish Hawk
Patti Unger Jack London's Klondike Fever
Julie Whitfield Something's Rotten
Julie Whitfield Tanya's Island
2nd Genie Awards
Anne Pritchard Fantastica
François Barbeau Atlantic City, U.S.A.
Louise Jobin Suzanne
Linda Matheson Middle Age Crazy
Diane Paquet Good Riddance (Les bons débarras)
3rd Genie Awards
Nicole Pelletier The Plouffe Family (Les Plouffe)
Olga Dimitrov Silence of the North
Huguette Gagné Happy Birthday to Me
Julie Ganton Heartaches
Delphine White Scanners
4th Genie Awards
John Hay Quest for Fire
Huguette Gagné Beyond Forty (La Quarantaine)
Julie Ganton Melanie
Wendy Partridge Latitude 55°
Christopher Ryan The Grey Fox
5th Genie Awards
Michèle Hamel Maria Chapdelaine
Michèle Hamel Lucien Brouillard
François Laplante Au clair de la lune
Mary E. McLeod A Christmas Story
Nicole Pelletier Bonheur d'occasion
6th Genie Awards
Renée April The Bay Boy
Wendy Partridge Isaac Littlefeathers
Huguette Gagné The Dog Who Stopped the War (La Guerre des tuques)
Hélène Schneider Sonatine
Nicole Pelletier The Crime of Ovide Plouffe (Le crime d'Ovide Plouffe)
7th Genie Awards
Louise Jobin Joshua Then and Now
Sheila Bingham and Phillip Clarkson My American Cousin
Olga Dimitrov One Magic Christmas
Olga Dimitrov Samuel Lount
8th Genie Awards
Wendy Partridge Loyalties
Michèle Hamel Exit
Nicole Pelletier In the Shadow of the Wind (Les Fous de Bassan)
Louise Jobin Intimate Power (Pouvoir intime)
9th Genie Awards
Andrée Morin Night Zoo (Un Zoo la nuit)
Alexandra Z and Martine Matthew I've Heard the Mermaids Singing
Denis Sperdouklis Brother André (Le Frère André)
Nicole Pelletier Marie in the City (Marie s'en va-t-en ville)
Michèle Hamel The Great Land of Small
10th Genie Awards
François Barbeau The Revolving Doors (Les Portes tournantes)
Denise Cronenberg Dead Ringers
Christine Cost and Michèle Hamel The Mills of Power (Les Tisserands du pouvoir)
Maya Mani Shadow Dancing
Renée April The Kiss
Charlotte Penner The Outside Chance of Maximilian Glick


Year Nominee Film
11th Genie Awards
Louise Jobin Jesus of Montreal (Jésus de Montréal)
Maureen Hiscox Bye Bye Blues
Louise Labrecque Cruising Bar
Olga Dimitrov Millennium
Katherine Vieira Palais Royale
Martha Wynne Snetsinger The Last Winter
12th Genie Awards
Olga Dimitrov Bethune: The Making of a Hero
Ruth Secord Beautiful Dreamers
John Hay and Renée April Black Robe
Andrée Morin Le Party
François Laplante Nelligan
13th Genie Awards
François Barbeau Léolo
François Barbeau La Sarrasine
Michèle Hamel La vie fantôme
Denise Cronenberg Naked Lunch
Alisa Alexander True Confections
14th Genie Awards
Olga Dimitrov Shadow of the Wolf
Sharon Fedoruk Harmony Cats
Christiane Tessier and Gaudeline Sauriol The Sex of the Stars (Le Sexe des étoiles)
Dolly Ahluwalia and Aline Gilmore The Burning Season
Sheila Bingham The Lotus Eaters
15th Genie Awards
Linda Muir Exotica
Jacinthe Demers Le Secret de Jérôme
Gaétanne Lévesque Les pots cassés
Francesca Chamberland Matusalem
Sabina Haag Desire in Motion (Mouvements du désir)
16th Genie Awards
Nicoletta Massone Margaret's Museum
Michele Hamel Eldorado
Barbara Kidd The Confessional (Le Confessionnal)
Crystine Booth Once in a Blue Moon
Linda Muir When Night Is Falling
17th Genie Awards
Linda Muir Lilies
Emma England Blood and Donuts
Delphine White The Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy
Denis Sperdouklis Poor Man's Pudding (Pudding chômeur)
Elisabetta Beraldo Swann
18th Genie Awards
Denis Sperdouklis Karmina
Suzanne Harel La Comtesse de Baton Rouge
Francesca Chamberland La Vengeance de la femme en noir
Yveline Bonjean and Liz Vandal Night of the Flood
James A. Worthen The Hanging Garden
Beth Pasternak The Sweet Hereafter
19th Genie Awards
Renée April The Red Violin
Lovleen Bains Such a Long Journey
Kate Carin Regeneration
Daniel Lalande Streetheart (Le Cœur au poing)
Marie-Chantale Vaillancourt
Tamara Winston Pale Saints
20th Genie Awards
Renée April Grey Owl
Dominique Lemieux Alegria
Sandy Powell Felicia's Journey
Linda Muir Jacob Two Two Meets the Hooded Fang
Györgyi Szakacs Sunshine


Year Nominee Film
21st Genie Awards
Michel Robidas Stardom
Patricia Hargreaves Here's to Life!
Denis Sperdouklis Life After Love (La Vie après l'amour)
Suzanne Harel Laura Cadieux II (Laura suite)
Debra Hanson New Waterford Girl
22nd Genie Awards
Howard Burden The War Bride
Atuat Akkitirq Atanarjuat: The Fast Runner
Sophie Lefebvre The Woman Who Drinks (La Femme qui boit)
Joanne Hansen The Claim
Nicoletta Massone Varian's War
23rd Genie Awards
Beth Pasternak Ararat
Wendy Partridge Almost America
Sophie Lefebvre The Negro (Le nèg')
Mario Davignon Savage Messiah
Denise Cronenberg Spider
24th Genie Awards
Meg McMillan The Saddest Music in the World
Abram Waterhouse Blizzard
Louise Gagné Seducing Doctor Lewis
Michèle Hamel Séraphin: Heart of Stone
Debra Hanson The Gospel of John
25th Genie Awards
Mario Davignon Head in the Clouds
Sophia Lefebvre Camping sauvage
Denis Sperdouklis Bittersweet Memories (Ma vie en cinémascope)
Michèle Hamel Machine Gun Molly (Monica la mitraille)
François Barbeau Battle of the Brave (Nouvelle-France)
26th Genie Awards
Ginette Magny C.R.A.Z.Y.
Francesca Chamberland Aurore
Francesca Chamberland The Outlander (Le Survenant)
Anne Dixon Saint Ralph
Dolly Ahluwalia Water
27th Genie Awards
Francesca Chamberland The Rocket (Maurice Richard)
Sandy Buck Eve and the Fire Horse
Michelline Amaaq The Journals of Knud Rasmussen
Mario Davignon and Delphine White Tideland
Michèle Hamel A Sunday in Kigali
28th Genie Awards
Carlo Poggioli and Kazuko Kurosawa Silk
Denise Cronenberg Eastern Promises
Mary E. McLeod Fido
Dolly Ahluwalia Partition
Joyce Schure Shake Hands With the Devil
29th Genie Awards
Wendy Partridge Passchendaele
Francesca Chamberland The Necessities of Life (Ce qu'il faut pour vivre)
Marie-Geneviève Cyr Who Is KK Downey?
Michèle Hamel Mommy Is at the Hairdresser's (Maman est chez le coiffeur)
Michèle Hamel The American Trap (Le Piège américain)
30th Genie Awards
Atuat Akkitirq Before Tomorrow
Carmen Alie Grande Ourse: La Clé des possibles
Sarah Armstrong Nurse.Fighter.Boy
Brenda Broer Cairo Time
Anne-Karine Gauthier 1981


Year Nominee Film
31st Genie Awards
Nicoletta Massone Barney's Version
Denise Cronenberg Resident Evil: Afterlife
Mario Davignon The Trotsky
Patricia McNeil The Wild Hunt
Beverly Wowchuk Gunless
32nd Genie Awards
Marie-Chantale Vaillancourt Funkytown
Denise Cronenberg A Dangerous Method
Farnaz Khaki-Sadigh Afghan Luke
Ginette Magny and Emmanuelle Youchnovski Café de Flore
Heather Neale Keyhole
1st Canadian Screen Awards
Xavier Dolan and François Barbeau Laurence Anyways
Patricia Henderson Mad Ship
Wendy Partridge Resident Evil: Retribution
Wendy Partridge Silent Hill: Revelation 3D
Éric Poirier War Witch (Rebelle)
2nd Canadian Screen Awards
Carmen Alie Louis Cyr
Lea Carlson The Colony
Véronique Marchessault Maïna
Sarah Millman Molly Maxwell
Gersha Phillips The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones
3rd Canadian Screen Awards
Wendy Partridge Pompeii
Valérie Levesque 1987
Francesca Chamberland Henri Henri
Xavier Dolan Mommy
Sarah Dunsworth Trailer Park Boys: Don't Legalize It
4th Canadian Screen Awards
Joanne Hansen Beeba Boys
Judy Jonker Corbo
Christopher Hargadon Forsaken
Katelynd Johnston Hyena Road
Arabella Bushnell Songs She Wrote About People She Knows
5th Canadian Screen Awards
Patricia McNeil Nelly
Bethana Briffett Weirdos
Mario Davignon Race
Megan Oppenheimer Operation Avalanche
Marjatta Nissinen The Girl King
6th Canadian Screen Awards
Trysha Bakker Maudie
Julie Bécotte We Are the Others (Nous sommes les autres)
Mario Davignon Hochelaga, Land of Souls (Hochelaga, terre des âmes)
Brigitte Desroches Cross My Heart (Les Rois mongols)
Gabrielle Tougas-Fréchette All You Can Eat Buddha
7th Canadian Screen Awards
Lea Carlson Stockholm
Eugénie Clermont A Colony (Une colonie)
Patricia McNeil The Great Darkened Days (La grande noirceur)
Hanna Pulley Octavio Is Dead!
Mara Zigler Firecrackers