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The Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television presents an annual award for Best Achievement in Music: Original Song to the best original song in a Canadian motion picture.

From 1980 to 2011, the award was presented as part of the Genie Awards; since 2012, it has been presented as part of the Canadian Screen Awards.


1st Genie Awards - March 20, 1980
No award presented


2nd Genie Awards - 1981
No award presented
3rd Genie Awards - 1982
Song Film Writer(s)
"Il était une fois des gens heureux" The Plouffe Family (Les Plouffe) Stéphane Venne
"Gypsy Born" Surfacing Ann Mortifee
"Comes a Time" Silence of the North Neil Young
4th Genie Awards - 1983
Song Film Writer(s)
"You Saved My Soul" Melanie Burton Cummings
"Le quéteux d'amour" Les fleurs sauvages Claude Fonfrède, Raoul Duguay
"Doux aveux" Sweet Lies and Loving Oaths (Doux aveux) Réjean Marois, Fernand Dansereau
"Just One Chance to Be Free" Spring Fever Fred Mollin
"Call Girl" Scandale Luc Plamondon, Germain Gauthier
"My Love for You" Harry Tracy, Desperado Leslie Pouliot
5th Genie Awards - 1984
No award presented
6th Genie Awards - 1985
Song Film Writer(s)
"Touch Me" A Woman in Transit (La Femme de l'hôtel) Yves Laferrière, Marjolène Morin, Paule Baillargeon
"L'Amour a pris son temps" The Dog Who Stopped the War (La Guerre des tuques) Germain Gauthier, Robert Léger, Daniele Faubert
"A Little Piece of Forever" Reno and the Doc Betty Lazebnik, Charles Dennis
7th Genie Awards - March 20, 1986
Song Film Writer(s)
"Angel Eyes" Night Magic Lewis Furey, Leonard Cohen
"Nobody Cares Like a Bear" The Care Bears Movie John Sebastian
"Le temps nous dépasse" Jacques and November (Jacques et novembre) Michel Rivard
"Fire" Night Magic Lewis Furey, Leonard Cohen
"Michael's Song" The Peanut Butter Solution Lewis Furey, Eddy Marney, Howard Foreman, Judy Richard
8th Genie Awards - 1987
Song Film Writer(s)
"De la main gauche" Anne Trister Danielle Messia
"Show Goin' On" The Adventure of Faustus Bidgood Robert Joy, Andy Jones
"Cold As Ice" Toby McTeague Peter Pringle, Kevin Hunter
"Les îles de l'enfance" Equinoxe Gilles Vigneault
"Out of the Fire" Bullies Peter R. Simpson, Paul Zaza
9th Genie Awards - 1988
Song Film Writer(s)
"Lost in a Hurricane" Night Zoo (Un zoo la nuit) Jean-Pierre Bonin, Daniel De Shaimes, Jean Corriveau, Robert Stanley
"Mary's Lament" Life Classes William D. MacGillivray
"Rise and Shine" The Care Bears Adventure in Wonderland Maribeth Solomon
"The Great Land of Small" The Great Land of Small Guy Trépanier
"When We're Together" The Young Magician Howard Forman, Krzesimir Debski
10th Genie Awards - 1989
Song Film Writer(s)
"Cowboys Don't Cry" Cowboys Don't Cry Louis Natale, Anne Wheeler
"We Are the One" The Tadpole and the Whale (La Grenouille et la baleine) Normand Dubé, Guy Trépanier, Nathalie Carson
"You're Going Home" Milk and Honey Louise Bennett
"Shadow Dance" Shadow Dancing Jay Gruska, Marc Jordan
"I'm Running" Tommy Tricker and the Stamp Traveller Rufus Wainwright
11th Genie Awards - 1990
Song Film Writer(s)
"When I Sing"[1] Bye Bye Blues Bill Henderson
"On vit de femmes" Comment faire l'amour avec un nègre sans se fatiguer Claude Dubois, Dany Laferrière
"Restless Dreamer" American Boyfriends Colin Nairne, Barney Bentall, Gary Fraser
"This Old Earth" The Top of His Head Jane Siberry
"The Best We Both Can Be" Babar: The Movie Maribeth Solomon
"Elephant March" Babar: The Movie Maribeth Solomon


12th Genie Awards - 1991
Song Film Writer(s)
"Such Magic" Angel Square George Blondheim, Anne Wheeler
"C'est plus fort que nous" Love Crazy (Amoureux fou) Rémy Girard, Claire Wojas
"Quand tu partiras" Le fabuleux voyage de l'ange Daniel Lavoie, Jean-Pierre Lefebvre
"A Certain Slant of Light" White Room Patricia Rozema, Mark Korven
"Hello I'm Nobody" White Room Patricia Rozema, Mark Korven
13th Genie Awards - 1992
Song Film Writer(s)
"The Final Breath" Secret Nation Ron Hynes
"Midnight Ride" North of Pittsburgh Cam Wagner
"Oh What a Fool You Made of Me" The Shower Gord Norris, Larry Harvey
14th Genie Awards - 1993
No award presented
15th Genie Awards - 1994
Song Film Writer(s)
"Claire" Whale Music Rheostatics
"Far Away" Savage Land Penny Anne Baker, Michael Conway Baker
"Say Those Things" The Myth of the Male Orgasm Brad Hayes, Ray Bonneville
"Song of Courtship" Whale Music Rheostatics
"Just Like Scheherazade" Zero Patience Glenn Schellenberg, John Greyson
"Every Road" Max Shari Ulrich, Graeme Coleman, David Graff
16th Genie Awards - January 14, 1996
No award presented
17th Genie Awards - November 27, 1996
Song Film Writer(s)
"Who the Hell Do You Think You Are?" Hard Core Logo Michael Turner, Swamp Baby, Peter J. Moore
"Some Days It's Dark" Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy Steven Drake, Bruce McCulloch, Craig Northey
"House on the Horizon" House Michael Timmins
18th Genie Awards - December 14, 1997
Song Film Writer(s)
"L'Homme idéal" The Ideal Man (L'Homme idéal) Luc Plamondon, François Dompierre
"Bounds of Love" Kissed Kristy Thirsk
"The Sweet Hereafter" The Sweet Hereafter Mychael Danna, Sarah Polley
19th Genie Awards - February 4, 1999
Song Film Writer(s)
"River Blue" The Fishing Trip Suzie Ungerleider
"Est-ce si loin Québec" Aujourd'hui ou jamais Daniel Lavoie, Claude Gauthier
"Laura la Belle" It's Your Turn, Laura Cadieux (C't'à ton tour, Laura Cadieux) Michel Tremblay, François Dompierre
20th Genie Awards - 2000
Song Film Writer(s)
"One Thing to Say" Jacob Two Two Meets the Hooded Fang Peter Luciano, Glenn Coulson, Joe Heslip, Marty Beecroft
"Le Dernier souffle" The Last Breath (Le Dernier souffle) Daniel Bélanger
"It's a Treat to be a Creep" Jacob Two Two Meets the Hooded Fang Tim Burns
"Beefcake" Beefcake John Wesley Chisholm
"Alegría '94" Alegría Benoit Jutras, René Dupéré


21st Genie Awards - 2001
Song Film Writer(s)
"Fortuna" Laura Cadieux II (Laura suite) François Dompierre
"Dumb Ol' Heart" Here's to Life! Michael Bublé
"I've Never Been in Love Before" Here's to Life! Michael Bublé
"29" Love Come Down Lascelles Stephens, Keith Andes, Deborah Cox
"Our Love" Love Come Down Lascelles Stephens, Keith Andes, Deborah Cox
22nd Genie Awards - 2002
Song Film Writer(s)
"Love Is Free" The Art of Woo Ron Sexsmith
"Can't Make It Good" Century Hotel Chantal Kreviazuk, Raine Maida
"La niebla del tiempo" Le ciel sur la tête Osvaldo Montes
"Parting Glass" Lunch with Charles Simon Kendall, Tom Landa, Geoffrey Kelly
"Falling Forward" Treed Murray James McGrath, Joel Feeney
23rd Genie Awards - 2003
Song Film Writer(s)
"Com Estas Asas" Saint Monica Carlos Lopes
"Ab (Father)" Khaled Mel M'Rabet
"Let You Go" Suddenly Naked Laura Doyle
"Your Love" Suddenly Naked Laura Doyle
"Just Say Goodbye" Turning Paige Michael Shields
24th Genie Awards - 2004
Song Film Writer(s)
"Tell Me" Falling Angels Ken Whiteley
"Center of My Heart" Blizzard Pamela Phillips-Oland, David Martin, LeVar Burton
"Montréal Italiano" Mambo Italiano Adam James Broughton, Jeanne Dompierre, Steve Galluccio, FM Lesieur
"La Vie" Saved by the Belles Brian C. Warren, Mark Anthony
"Depuis le premier jour" Séraphin: Heart of Stone Luc Plamondon, Michel Cusson
25th Genie Awards - March 21, 2005
Song Film Writer(s)
"Pantaloon in Black" Twist Jacob Tierney, Ron Proulx
"Ignorance Is Beautiful (Help Me)" Childstar Kyprios
"Le Blues de Monica" Machine Gun Molly (Monica la mitraille) Pierre Houle, Lorraine Richard, Michel Cusson
"Ma Nouvelle France" Battle of the Brave (Nouvelle-France) Luc Plamondon, Patrick Doyle
"Something's Coming" Wilby Wonderful Rebecca Jenkins
26th Genie Awards - March 13, 2006
Song Film Writer(s)
"When Wintertime" Seven Times Lucky Glenn Buhr, Margaret Sweatman
"Tourner" Audition (L'Audition) Daniel Bélanger
"Comme un plume au vent" The Outlander (Le Survenant) Sylvain Cossette, Robert Marchand, Michel Corriveau
"Just a Show" The Life and Hard Times of Guy Terrifico Matt Murphy, Michael Mabbott
"Make Believe" The Life and Hard Times of Guy Terrifico Matt Murphy, Michael Mabbott
27th Genie Awards - February 13, 2007
Song Film Writer(s)
"Have Hope" Unnatural & Accidental Jennifer Kreisberg
"Tattoo" Bon Cop, Bad Cop Eric Lapointe, Stéphane Dufour, Jamil
"In a Heartbeat" Eighteen Bramwell Tovey, Richard Bell
"Trace-moi" The Beautiful Beast Patrick Watson, Caroline Dhavernas
"L'Astronaute" Angel's Rage Dan Bigras
28th Genie Awards - March 3, 2008
Song Film Writer(s)
"Kaya" Shake Hands with the Devil Valanga Khoza, David Hirschfelder
"Breathe" Poor Boy's Game Byron Wong, Luke Nicholson
"Young Triffie's Been Made Away With" Young Triffie Alan Doyle
29th Genie Awards - April 4, 2009
Song Film Writer(s)
"Rahi Nagufta" Amal Dr. Shiva
"M'Accrocher?" Everything Is Fine (Tout est parfait) Loco Locass
"Big Smoke" This Beautiful City Bry Webb
30th Genie Awards - April 12, 2010
Song Film Writer(s)
"Oh Love" Nurse.Fighter.Boy John Welsman, Cherie Camp
"Pamani" Before Tomorrow Susan Avingaq
"Bon Swa" Heat Wave (Les grandes chaleurs) Sari Dajani, Iohann Martin, Rudy Toussaint, John Von Aichlinger


31st Genie Awards - March 10, 2011
Song Film Writer(s)
"Already Gone" The Trotsky Mary Milne
"What's Wrong with That?" Year of the Carnivore Buck 65
"Tender Steps" Crackie Cherie Pyne, Matthew J. Thomson
"West End Sky" Grown Up Movie Star Mark Sasso, Casey Laforet, Stephen Pitkin
"There's No Place Like Christmas" FUBAR 2 Paul Spence
32nd Genie Awards - March 8, 2012
Song Film Writer(s)
"Quelque part" Starbuck Carole Facal
"My Love My Love" Cloudburst Jay Brannan
"Œil pour œil" Good Neighbours Malajube
"A Different Sort of Solitude" French Immersion Steven Page
"Waiting for Your Touch" Funkytown Jean Robitaille, Steve Galluccio
1st Canadian Screen Awards - March 3, 2013
Song Film Writer(s)
"Long to Live" Cosmopolis Emily Haines, James Shaw, Howard Shore
"Wanting" Rufus Erland and the Carnival
"Out of Sight" Rufus Erland and the Carnival
2nd Canadian Screen Awards - March 9, 2014
Song Film Writer(s)
"It's No Mistake" The Right Kind of Wrong Jimmy Harry, Serena Ryder
"À la claire fontaine" The Storm Within (Rouge sang) Michel Cusson
"Iva/Moses" Stay Maerin Hunting
"Far Away" The Legend of Sarila Elisapie Isaac
"Molly" Down River Colleen Rennison
3rd Canadian Screen Awards - March 1, 2015
Song Film Writer(s)
"Dal Makhani" Dr. Cabbie Manjeet Ral
"Danse Elegant" Tru Love Patric Caird, Sonya Côté
"Road to Rainbow's End" Love Project Lewis Furey
"The Whisper in Me" Dirty Singles Ian LeFeuvre
"Wants" The Valley Below Dan Mangan
4th Canadian Screen Awards - March 13, 2016
Song Film Writer(s)
"C’est aujourd’hui que je sors" Scratch Jenny Salgado
"Where the Light Used to Be" 88 Peter Katz and Karen Kowsowski
"Red and Yellow" Our Loved Ones (Les Êtres chers) Martin Léon
"People Hold On" People Hold On Noah Reid
"Asshole Dave" Songs She Wrote About People She Knows Kris Elgstrand
5th Canadian Screen Awards - March 17, 2017
Song Film Writer(s)
"Could Have Been" Born to Be Blue David Braid
"Sokecimyekw" Before the Streets (Avant les rues) Nikan Boivin
"Natalie" King Dave Camille Poliquin and Laurence Lafond-Beaulne
"Draw Blood" Lovesick Matthew Schellenberg
"Almost Had It All" A Date with Miss Fortune Daniel Stimac
6th Canadian Screen Awards - March 11, 2018
Song Film Writer(s)
"The Crown Sleeps" The Breadwinner Qais Essar, Joshua Hill
"Rid the Dark" Hunting Pignut Dani Bailey
"CTS Thief" Boost Joey Sherrett, Chris Gordon, Nathaniel Huskinson