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The Genie Award for Best Achievement in Overall Sound is awarded by the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television to the best Canadian sound designer.

1st Genie Awards[edit]

2nd Genie Awards[edit]

3rd Genie Awards[edit]

4th Genie Awards[edit]

5th Genie Awards[edit]

6th Genie Awards[edit]

7th Genie Awards[edit]

8th Genie Awards[edit]

9th Genie Awards[edit]

10th Genie Awards[edit]

11th Genie Awards[edit]

12th Genie Awards[edit]

13th Genie Awards[edit]

14th Genie Awards[edit]

15th Genie Awards[edit]

16th Genie Awards[edit]

  • Blue ribbon Michael McGee, Paul A. Sharpe, Kelly Cole and Dean Giammarco, Magic in the Water
  • Keith Elliott, Peter Kelly, Daniel Pellerin and Ross Redfern, Dance Me Outside
  • Don White, Douglas Ganton, Leslie Shatz and Scott Purdy, Johnny Mnemonic
  • Jean-Claude Laureux, Jo Caron and Hans Peter Strobl, The Confessional (Le Confessionnal)
  • Gavin Fernandes, Luc Boudrias, Daniel Masse and Michel Descombes, Black List (Liste noire)

17th Genie Awards[edit]

  • Blue ribbon Don Cohen, Keith Elliot, Scott Purdy, Scott Shepherd, Don White, Lilies
  • David Appleby, D. Bruce Carwardine, Tim O'Connell, Don White, Brain Candy
  • Jocelyn Caron, Claude Hazanavicius, John Netsorwich, Hans Peter Strobl, Le Polygraphe
  • Kelly Cole, Dam Giammarco, Jochen Schlissler, Paul Sharpe, Hard Core Logo
  • Christian Cooke, David Lee, Dino Pigat, Lou Solakofski, Orest Sushko, Crash

18th Genie Awards[edit]

19th Genie Awards[edit]

20th Genie Awards[edit]

  • Blue ribbon Daniel Pellerin, Keith Elliott, Glen Gauthier and Peter Kelly, Sunshine
  • Serge Beauchemin, Bernard Gariépy Strobl and Hans Peter Strobl, Memories Unlocked (Souvenirs intimes)
  • Michel Descombes, Jo Caron, Michel Charron and Gavin Fernandes, The Last Breath
  • Philip Norman Stall, Martin Lee and Lou Solakofski, The Five Senses
  • Daniel Pellerin, Keith Elliott, Peter Kelly and Brian Simmons, Felicia's Journey

21st Genie Awards[edit]

  • Blue ribbon Daniel Pellerin, Paul Adlaf, Peter Kelly, Brad Thornton and Brad Zoern, Love Come Down
  • Hans Peter Strobl, Jo Caron, Don Cohen and Bernard Gariépy Strobl, The Art of War
  • Bill Sheppard, Mark Berger and Ruth Huddleston, Here's to Life!
  • Gilles Corbeil, Luc Boudrias and Louis Gignac, Maelström
  • Tom Ronan, Daniel Pellerin, Brad Thornton and Brad Zoern, Violet

22nd Genie Awards[edit]

23rd Genie Awards[edit]

  • Blue ribbon Thomas Hidderley, Todd Beckett, Keith Elliott and Mark Zsifkovits, Between Strangers
  • Serge Beauchemin, Bruno Ruffolo, Bernard Gariépy Strobl and Hans Peter Strobl, Les Boys III
  • Serge Beauchemin, Bernard Gariépy Strobl and Hans Peter Strobl, Le Collectionneur
  • Gavin Fernandes, Bobby O'Malley and Philippe Pelletier, Inside (Histoire de pen)
  • Lou Solakofski and Steph Carrier, Max
  • Glen Gauthier, Christian T. Cooke, Orest Sushko and Don White, Spider

24th Genie Awards[edit]

25th Genie Awards[edit]

26th Genie Awards[edit]

27th Genie Awards[edit]

28th Genie Awards[edit]

29th Genie Awards[edit]

  • Passchendaele: Lou Solakofski, Garrell Clark, Steve Foster
  • Amal: Sanjay Mehta, Stephan Carrier, Kirk Lynds
  • Le Banquet: Mario Auclair, Luc Boudrias, François Senneville
  • The American Trap (Le Piège américain): Claude La Haye, Daniel Bisson, Luc Boudrias, Patrick Lalonde
  • This Beautiful City: David Ottier, Daniel Prado Villar

30th Genie Awards[edit]

31st Genie Awards[edit]

32nd Genie Awards[edit]

1st Canadian Screen Awards[edit]

  • Blue ribbon Claude La Haye, Daniel Bisson and Bernard Gariépy Strobl, War Witch (Rebelle)
  • Sylvain Arseneault, Steph Carrier, Lou Solakofski and Don White, Midnight's Children
  • Olivier Calvert, Pascal Beaudin and Luc Boudrias, Mars et Avril
  • Philip Stall, Ian Rankin and Lou Solakofski, Antiviral
  • Zander Rosborough and Allan Scarth, The Disappeared

2nd Canadian Screen Awards[edit]

3rd Canadian Screen Awards[edit]

  • Christopher Guglick, Dave Mercel, Steve Moore, Justin Sawyer and Alex Turner, Bang Bang Baby
  • Christian Cooke, Michael O'Farrell and Orest Sushko, Maps to the Stars
  • Daniel Bisson, Gilles Corbeil and Bernard Gariépy Strobl, Meetings with a Young Poet
  • Sylvain Brassard, Jocelyn Caron, François Grenon and Luc Landry, Mommy
  • Greg Chapman, Peter Persaud, Andrew Stirk, Andrew Tay and Mark Zsifkovits, Pompeii

4th Canadian Screen Awards[edit]

5th Canadian Screen Awards[edit]

6th Canadian Screen Awards[edit]