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Acanthus (plural: acanthus, rarely acanthuses in English, or acanthi in Latin), in its feminine form acantha (plura: acanthae), is the Latinised form of the ancient Greek word acanthos or akanthos, referring to the Acanthus plant. It can also be used as the prefix acantho-, meaning "thorny". It may refer to:


  • Acantha, a figure in Greek mythology associated with the plant
  • Acanthus, son of Autonous who received his name after the plant, which was common in his infertile homeland



Other uses[edit]

  • Acanthus (ornament), a form in architecture and in leather carving, from the plant
  • Acanthus, in entomology a thorn-like projection, typically a single-celled cuticular growth without tormogen (socket) or sensory cells
  • Acanthus path, a fictional tradition of enchanters, magicians and witches in the game Mage: The Awakening

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