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Origin Paris, Tennessee, U.S.
Genres Contemporary Christian, Southern Gospel
Years active 1982–present
Labels The Acappella Company,
Word, Epic
Members Zac George
Malcolm Himes
Anthony Lancaster
Wes McKinzie
Raymond Mobley

Acappella is an all-male Contemporary Christian vocal group founded in 1982 by Keith Lancaster who has been the singer, songwriter, and producer throughout the group's history. The group only consists of vocalists who sing in a cappella style without instrumental accompaniment.


Acappella's fan base steadily grew through the 1980s as the group experienced many lineup changes and constantly experimented with fresh new sounds. The landmark album, Sweet Fellowship (1988), ushered in one of the most significant developments in the group's membership and style. Lancaster stepped out of the group as lead singer to focus on the role of producer and manager. The group continued to change after that, developing a unique sound that has been mimicked by countless groups around the world.

Signed to Word Records in 1990 (and later to Epic Records), Acappella's popularity soared with releases such as Rescue, We Have Seen His Glory, and Set Me Free. Media exposure included television appearances, while the song "More Precious Than Gold" became the centerpiece of a Sony Camcorder television commercial and was broadcast across the USA. Hymns For All The World helped to increase the group's exposure internationally. Acappella has toured extensively around the world, singing in Africa, Australia, Canada, China, Europe, Jamaica, Japan, South America and the Caribbean in addition to thousands of concerts in the United States.

In 1986, Lancaster launched a spinoff group called Acappella Vocal Band (AVB). AVB originally opened and sang backup for Acappella, then branched off to tour on its own under the Acappella Ministries umbrella from 1988 to 2000.

After exploring various musical styles over more than three decades, Acappella has returned to its roots, strengthened by the addition of a fifth vocalist. Acappella's worldwide impact was recognized with the group's 2007 induction into the Christian Music Hall of Fame.


Current members[edit]

  • Zac George – Tenor/Vocal Percussion
  • Malcolm Himes – Tenor/Vocal Percussion
  • Anthony Lancaster – Baritone
  • Wes McKinzie – Bass
  • Raymond Mobley – Tenor

Group formations[edit]

Bass Baritone 2nd Tenor 1st Tenor Vocal Percussion/Utility Albums
Wes McKinzie Anthony Lancaster Zac George Raymond Mobley Malcolm Himes Water From The Well (single) (2011), Wanna Be Like You (single) (2011), Just Say The Word (single) (2012), Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas (single) (2012)
Wes McKinzie Anthony Lancaster Zac George Zachary Wilson Robin Brannon The Walls Came Down (single) (2011)
Allen Brantley Anthony Lancaster Zac George Zachary Wilson Robin Brannon Find Your Way (2009)
Allen Brantley Robin Brannon Cory Martin Zachary Wilson Zac George
Allen Brantley Robin Brannon J.J. Blevins Zachary Wilson Zac George
Allen Brantley Robin Brannon Jordan House Zachary Wilson Zac George Radiance (2006)
Gary Evans Robin Brannon Jordan House Zachary Wilson Zac George Radiance (2006)
Gary Evans Nic Dunbar Sean Samuel Matt Sammons
Gary Evans Nic Dunbar Sean Samuel Matt Nunnally Heaven and Earth (2004)
Gary Evans Steve Maxwell Barry Wilson Don Connel
Gary Evans Steve Maxwell Barry Wilson Kevin Schaffer Live From Paris (2002), Hymns For All The Ages (2001)
Ken McAlpin Steve Maxwell Barry Wilson Kevin Schaffer
Ken McAlpin Gary Moyers Barry Wilson Kevin Schaffer All That I Need (1999), The Collection (1998)
Gary Miller Gary Moyers Ken McAlpin Kevin Schaffer
Gary Miller Gary Moyers Steve Reischl Kevin Schaffer Act of God (1997) - Also featured Duane Adams and Robert Guy
Duane Adams Gary Moyers Steve Reischl Kevin Schaffer
Robert Guy Duane Adams Steve Reischl Kevin Schaffer
Tim Storms Robert Guy Steve Reischl Duane Adams
Robert Guy Duane Adams Steve Reischl Gary Moyers Beyond a Doubt (1995)
Robert Guy Duane Adams George Pendergrass Gary Moyers Hymns For All The World (1994), Espanol (1994)
Duane Adams Wayburn Dean Gary Moyers Set Me Free (1993), We Have Seen His Glory (1991), Rescue (1990),
He Leadeth Me (1990), Growing Up In The Lord (1990)
Rodney Britt Wayburn Dean George Pendergrass Gary Moyers Sweet Fellowship (1988)
Rodney Britt Keith Lancaster While the Ages Roll On (1987), Better Than Life (1987), Conquerors (1986)
Rodney Britt Bill Spencer Keith Lancaster Travelin' Shoes (1985)
Ron McCommas Gary Yeager Keith Lancaster Jeff Martin Perfect Peace (1984)
Bobby Collum Gary Yeager Randy Hatchett Keith Lancaster As "His Image Quartet" - Heaven's Gonna Shine (1982), Made in His Image (1983)
Tom Graham Gary Yeager Randy Hatchett Keith Lancaster As "His Image Quartet" - Til He Comes (1982)

Previous members[edit]

  • Duane Adams – Duane is one of the most versatile singers that has sung with Acappella. He joined the group as the bass and recorded on Growing Up In The Lord, He Leadeth Me, Rescue, We Have Seen His Glory, and Set Me Free. After Set Me Free was released, baritone Wayburn Dean left the group and Duane took his part. As the baritone, Duane's vocals can be heard on Acappella En Espanol, Hymns For All The World, Beyond A Doubt, and back to sing bass in "Let's Show And Tell" on Act of God. He later left the group to take the role of Worship Leader at Amarillo South Church. Currently he is the Worship Leader at the Cross Pointe Church in Amarillo, Texas.
  • James "JJ" Blevins – JJ was briefly in Acappella in early 2008. He is a graduate of Adventures in Missions (AIM) and has worked with congregations across the country. He is currently a House Parent at Fair Haven Children's Home in Missouri.
  • Robin Brannon – Robin sang baritone for Acappella and was famous for his vocal percussion skills and incomparable energy on stage. He appeared on the Radiance and Find Your Way albums. He now lives in the Nashville area.
  • Allen Brantley – Allen appeared on Radiance and Find Your Way in addition to assisting on Keith Lancaster's Praise & Harmony projects. He lives in Alabama with his wife Kim (one of Keith's daughters) and sings with the Lancaster Family.
  • Rodney Britt – Rodney currently serves as worship minister for the Pine Tree Church of Christ[1] in Longview, Texas. He also currently sings bass for The Sounds of Glory.[2]
  • Don Connel – Don sang tenor in Acappella in the spring of 2002. He also participated in the 20th Anniversary Reunion. He works for an advertising and marketing company in Abilene, Texas. After his time with Acappella, he sang with Fishers of Men and Cornerstone. Cornerstone produced 2 CD's: Standing on the Rock and Everywhere. Don leads worship for the Oldham Lane church of Christ in Abilene, TX.
  • Wayburn Dean[3]
  • Nic Dunbar – Nic serves as the worship minister at the Singing Oaks Church of Christ[4] in Denton, Texas.
  • Gary Evans – Now in Lubbock, Texas (his hometown), he helps lead worship at South Plains Church of Christ[5] and works as a developer for World Bible School.[6]
  • Robert Guy – Robert appeared on Acappella En Espanol, Hymns For All The World, Beyond A Doubt and Act of God.
  • Randy Hatchett – Randy sang with "His Image Quartet" and appeared on Til He Comes, Heaven's Gonna Shine and Made in His Image. Randy currently is an elder at the Jackson Park Church of Christ in Nashville, TN.
  • Jordan House – Jordan has been the campus minister for Greater Atlanta Christian School (Atlanta, GA) and worked in the student ministry at Otter Creek Church of Christ in Nashville, TN. He is currently the worship leader and student minister for The Hills Church of Christ, WFW Campus, in Fort Worth, TX.[7]
  • Keith Lancaster – Keith lives in Goodlettsville, Tennessee, and continues as producer for Acappella.[8] In addition, he conducts Praise & Harmony workshops around the world.[9]
  • Jeff Martin
  • Tim Martin – Tim currently lives in Comanche, Texas and works with Comanche Hospice. He has done humanitarian aid work in Russia, Croatia, New Orleans (after Katrina) and Haiti after the 2010 earthquake.
  • Steve Maxwell – Steve serves as Worship Minister at White Stations Church of Christ in Memphis, TN. Previously he has served as College and Young Adults Minister at CrossPoint Church of Christ[10] in Florence, Alabama.
  • Ken McAlpin – Ken serves as worship minister at Campbell Church of Christ[11] in Campbell, California. In addition, he is now a member of the a cappella group Sweet Deliverance.[12]
  • Gary Miller – Gary sang bass for Vocal Union[13] for many years before and after his membership in Acappella. He died March 12, 2011.
  • Gary Moyers – "Mo" currently hosts the Pitch Pipecast,[14] a podcast dedicated to news, reviews and interviews about a cappella Christian music. Broadway Church of Christ[15] in Lubbock, TX. The Moyers family lives in the Lubbock, Texas area.
  • Matt Nunnally – Matt sang 1st tenor on Heaven And Earth. He currently sings tenor for First Day.[16]
  • George Pendergrass – George lives in the Nashville area, performing with Merging Blue.
  • Steve Reischl – Steve sang lead on Beyond A Doubt and Act of God. His most popular song was "If There Were No God." After leaving Acappella, he performed with the Contemporary Christian band, Newsong.[17] He is currently pursuing a solo career.[18]
  • Matt Sammons – Matt sang tenor in the spring of 2005 and on an Acappella Cruise. He works as a professional piano man in Little Rock, AR.
  • Sean Samuel – Works with Disney in Orlando, Florida.
  • Kevin Schaffer[19] – Kevin is the 1st tenor on the Act of God, All That I Need, Hymns For All The Ages, and Live From Paris albums. His most famous lead was "Walking That Line." He currently works with Central Church of Christ in Amarillo, Texas.[20]
  • Bill Spencer - Bill and his wife are executive directors at Narrow Gate Foundation, a Christian discipleship experience for young men ages 18–25.[21]
  • Tim Storms – Tim sings at the Pierce Arrow Theater[22] in Branson, Missouri.
  • Tim Tripp – Family minister at Northeast Church of Christ[23] in Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • Barry Wilson – Milton Hershey Foundation in Hershey, Pennsylvania.
  • Zachary Wilson – Zachary sang on the "Radiance" and "Find Your Way" albums. He was in the group for six years and is most known for his soaring lead on "All Men Will Know" (from the "Radiance" album) and his live performances of "Take It Away" and "Shut De Do." He graduated from Oklahoma Christian University and leads worship at Legacy Church of Christ in North Richland Hills, Texas.
  • Gary Yeager – Preacher, worship leader and father of ten in Colorado.
  • Ron McCommas – Business performance advisor at Insperity.
  • Greg Pittman – Public Relations and Human Communications major, Abilene Christian University. Greg joined the group as lead vocalist and 1st tenor in fall of 1982 and was featured on the album, "Made in His Image".


The labels are taken from each of the albums’ original releases; many of these albums have been re-released under new distributors. Lyrics to each of these albums along with scripture references and other relevant information can be found at

  • Perfect Peace (1984, Clifty Records)
  • Travelin’ Shoes (1985, Clifty Records)
  • Conquerors (1986, Clifty Records)
  • Better Than Life (1987, Clifty Records)
  • While the Ages Roll On (1987, Clifty Records)
  • Sweet Fellowship (1988, Clifty Records)
  • Growing Up In the Lord (1989, Clifty Records)
  • He Leadeth Me (1990, Acappella Music Group)
  • Rescue (1990, Word)
  • We Have Seen His Glory (1991, Word)
  • Set Me Free (1993, Word)
  • Acappella en Español (1994, Word)
  • Gold (1994, Word)
  • Platinum (1994, Word)
  • Hymns for All the World (1994, Word)
  • Beyond a Doubt (1995, Word)
  • Act of God (1997, Word)
  • The Collection (1998, Diamante)
  • All That I Need (1999, Diamante)
  • Hymns for All the Ages (2001, The Acappella Company)
  • Live from Paris (2002, The Acappella Company)
  • Heaven And Earth (2004, The Acappella Company)
  • Radiance (2006, The Acappella Company)
  • Find Your Way (2009, The Acappella Company)
  • The Walls Came Down (single) (2011, The Acappella Company)
  • Water From The Well (single) (2011, The Acappella Company)
  • Wanna Be Like You (single) (2011, The Acappella Company)
  • Just Say The Word (single) (2012, The Acappella Company)
  • Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas (single) (2012, The Acappella Company)

Before the group was named Acappella, it was briefly named "His Image"; the records released under that name are:

  • Til He Comes (1982, Clifty Records)
  • Heaven’s Gonna Shine (1983, Clifty Records)
  • Made in His Image (1984, Clifty Records)

In addition to projects recorded under the Acappella name, the group collaborated with AVB, Keith Lancaster and other artists on numerous "Acappella Series", "Acappella Scripture Songs" and "Acappella Praise & Worship" albums in the 1990s. These projects include:

  • Acappella Southern (1990, Word)
  • Acappella America (1992, Word)
  • Acappella Christmas (1992, Word)
  • Acappella Country (1992, Word)
  • Acappella Spirituals (1993, Word)
  • Acappella Carols (1993, Word) - Originally released as A Savior Is Born (1989-cassette; 1990-CD)
  • The Parables of Jesus (1993, Word)
  • Acappella Ladies (1994, Word)
  • Acappella Resurrection (1994, Word)
  • Acappella Gospel (1994, Word)
  • Acappella Classycal (1994, Word)
  • The Book of James (1994, Word)
  • In His Presence (1994, The Acappella Company)
  • Heaven Is in My Heart (1994, The Acappella Company)
  • In God We Trust (1995, The Acappella Company)
  • Communion (1995, The Acappella Company)
  • Acappella Wedding 1 (1995, Word)
  • Acappella Spirituals 2 (1995, Word)
  • Acappella Classics (1995, Word)
  • Acappella Favorites (1995, Word)
  • Heroes of Faith (1995, The Acappella Company)
  • Exalt Him (1996, The Acappella Company)
  • Acappella Praise Service (1996, The Acappella Company)
  • Acappella Jazz (1996, The Acappella Company)
  • Acappella Wedding 2 (1996, The Acappella Company)
  • Acappella Classics 2 (1996, The Acappella Company)
  • Acappella Melodies (1996, The Acappella Company)

Compilations of Acappella, AVB, Keith Lancaster and other Acappella Company songs include:

  • Hear It in Our Voice (1994, Word)
  • Hear It in Our Voice II (1994, Word)
  • Acappella Favorites (1995, Word)
  • Hear It in Our Voice III (1995, The Acappella Company)
  • Acappella Wedding Longplay (1999, The Acappella Company)
  • Acappella Spirituals Longplay (1999, The Acappella Company)
  • Acappella Family Christmas (1999, The Acappella Company)
  • Acappella Gospel Longplay (2000, The Acappella Company)
  • Acappella Classics Longplay (2000, The Acappella Company)
  • Acappella Word of God Longplay (2000, The Acappella Company)


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