Acaray River

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Acaray River
The Acaray River between Minga Guazú and Hernandarias.
Country Paraguay
Physical characteristics
Main source Cordillera de Caaguazú
220 metres (720 ft)
River mouth Paraná River
125–130 metres (410–427 ft)
Length 160 kilometres (99 mi)

The Acaray River (Guarani Akaray) is a river in eastern Paraguay. It is born in the Cordillera de Caaguazú, and is joined by the Yguazú and Itakyry rivers later on. The river flows through the Caaguazú and Alto Paraná Departments, and joins the Paraná River in an area between Ciudad del Este and Hernadarias, which was later modified for the construction of the Acaray Dam. One of its main tributaries is the Yguazú River, which also has its own dam: the Yguazú Dam.

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Coordinates: 25°29′S 54°42′W / 25.483°S 54.700°W / -25.483; -54.700