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Saint Acarius (d. 14 March 642) was a monk of Luxeuil Abbey, who became bishop of Doornik and Noyon, which today are located on either side of the Franco-Belgian border.


Acarius was a monk of Luxeuil and a pupil of Saint Columbanus around 594. While the date of his election is not known, it is assured that he was bishop in 627. He was a fervent furtherer of the apostle Saint Amand, but despite his influence could not avoid the banishment of the latter by King Dagobert I.

Apparently, Acarius had great influence on the spreading of Christianity in Belgic Gaul. It was Acarius that recommended to Dagobert that Audomar be appointed Bishop of Thérouanne.[1]

Soon after his death in 640, he was venerated as a Saint. He was succeeded as bishop by Eligius.[2]

His memorial is Nov. 27.[3]