Acathius of Melitene

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Saint Acathius
Born unknown
Died ca 251
Venerated in Roman Catholic Church, Eastern Orthodox Church
Feast varies, generally 31 March
Attributes crown of thorns

Saint Acathius (died ca 251, also known as Acacius) was bishop of Melitene in the third century, although he is occasionally given as bishop of Antioch.[1] Melitene was capital of the Roman Province of Second Armenia. The Eastern Orthodox Church venerates him on different days, but especially on 31 March.

He lived in the time of the persecution of Decius, and although it is certain that he was cited before the tribunal of Marcian to give an account of his faith, it is not certain that he died for it. He was indeed condemned to death, but the Emperor released him from prison after he had undergone considerable suffering. He was famous both for the splendour of his doctrinal teaching and the miracles he wrought.

There was a later Acacius, who was also Bishop of Melitene, and who was conspicuous as an opponent of Nestorius at the Council of Ephesus. He exchanged letters with Cyril of Alexandria and died sometime after 437.[2]