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Accel Animation Studios is an Indian animation studio that provides 2D, 3D animation, visual effects and gaming services for media companies in India and overseas. It is a division of Chennai-based technology services company, Accel Transmatic Limited and was formed in 2006.[1]


Accel Animation Studios has production facilities at two locations in India - Chennai and Trivandram. As of 2011, both the facilities enjoy promotional duty and tax exemptions as animation industry is considered a new venture by the Govt. of India. The extent of work space is over 60,000 sq ft (5,600 m2). The infrastructure includes a windows-based computer cluster, quad core workstations and high-speed connectivity using Cisco Catalyst 4500 'E' series switch. It also includes a 32 Camera Motion Capture System, on site audio recording and editing suite.

Outside India, the company also has operations in California, USA.[2]


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