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Developer(s) Xi Graphics
Stable release
Accelerated-X Summit v2.4
Operating system multiple (Linux, Solaris, AIX)
Type Windowing system
License Proprietary[1]

Accelerated-X is a proprietary port of the X Window System to Intel x86 machines.


The Accelerated-X server is built on top of the X386 X server that was created by Thomas Roell for X11 Release 5. He founded a company in Colorado named Xi Graphics which still provides the Accelerated-X server. The XFree86 project was created as a free alternative to what became the Accelerated-X server.[citation needed]


Accelerated-X server provides an "overlay mode" on several graphics cards which allows running ancient, 256 color mode-only Unix alongside more modern applications on truecolor 24-bit displays.

It used to provide much better driver support (hardware acceleration, 3D and compatibility, especially on integrated graphics) than XFree86, at a time when the major graphics chipset vendors were not supporting Linux officially.


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