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Developer(s) Xi Graphics
Stable release
Accelerated-X Summit v2.4
Operating system multiple (Linux, Solaris, AIX)
Type Windowing system
License Proprietary[1]

Accelerated-X is a proprietary port of the X Window System to Intel x86 machines.


The Accelerated-X server is built on top of the X386 X server that was created by Thomas Roell for X11 Release 5. He founded a company in Colorado named Xi Graphics which still provides the Accelerated-X server. A bizarre series of events during 2011 contributed to the suspension of the SW development and most licensing activities. They are now currently in progress of resuming and expanding their normal activities.

The XFree86 project was created as a free alternative to what became the Accelerated-X server.[citation needed]


Accelerated-X server provides an "overlay mode" on several graphics cards which allows running ancient, 256 color mode-only Unix alongside more modern applications on truecolor 24-bit displays.

It used to provide much better driver support (hardware acceleration, 3D and compatibility, especially on integrated graphics) than XFree86, at a time when the major graphics chipset vendors were not supporting Linux officially.


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