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Accellion, Inc.
IndustrySecurity Software
HeadquartersPalo Alto, California, USA
Key people
Jonathan Yaron CEO and Chairman
Glen Segal Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of Business Development
Cliff White Chief Technology Officer
ProductsSecure Collaboration, Secure File Transfer, Secure Mobile File Sharing
Number of employees

Accellion, Inc. is a Palo Alto, California-based private cloud solutions company focused on secure file sharing and collaboration. Users are able to access, edit, and share enterprise content from any device while maintaining compliance and security.[1][2] Accellion software supports deployment on-premises or off-premises; in a public, private, or hybrid cloud or FIPS 140-2 certified environment.[3]


Accellion was founded in 1999 in Singapore by S Mohan and Nikhil Jhingan, and originally focused on providing distributed file storage management and backup technology. Beginning in 2001, the company moved its headquarters to Palo Alto, CA and concentrated its business on file transfer technology.[1]

From 2009 to 2012, the company grew increasingly focused on the security and the compliance aspects of file sharing.[4][5] In September 2000, Accellion raised $33 million in venture funding from Barings Private Equity and later in April 2012, it raised an additional $12 million in from Riverwood Capital, bringing the company's total funding to $45 million.[6]

In Gartner's 2014 magic quadrant report, Accellion was named a leader in enterprise file synchronization and sharing.[7][8] That same year, Accellion was named a leader in mobile content management by Aragon Research.[9] Accellion was again positioned in the Gartner's leaders quadrant in 2015.[10]

According to The Wall Street Journal, Accellion was valued at $500 million in 2014.[11]


Accellion released its first file transfer appliance in May 2005,[12][13] a physical, on-premises appliance. Ogilvy & Mather was Accellion’s first enterprise customer and won Computerworld’s Premier 100 IT Leaders 2005, Best in Class award for its implementation of Accellion file transfer.[14] In March 2011, Accellion released its Secure Collaboration product.[15][16][17][18][19] Industry research firm, the 451 Group, has characterized Accellion as having grown into the collaboration market from its file-transfer roots.[20]

In 2012, the company introduced Accellion Mobile File Sharing packages for Enterprise, Business and Individuals.[21] The packages included a synchronization feature called kitedrive.[22][23] Early demand for the company's file transfer applications came from organizations that needed to transfer large files, including advertising and marketing firms,[24] healthcare,[25][26][27] and universities.[28][29] Accellion provided an email attachment application for reducing email storage and improving email performance by offloading file transfers from email.[30][31][32] The company also provided its clients with a mobile product called Accellion Mobile Productivity Suite, which let users create, edit, and collaborate on Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files on mobile devices.[33]

In January 2014, Accellion launched kiteworks.[11][34][35][36] It is a secure mobile file-sharing product that enables users to work on files and projects remotely.[37][38][39] The software integrates with SharePoint, Documentum, Open Text, Home Drive, Windows File Shares, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, and Google Drive.[11][40] In November 2014, Accellion introduced a secure mobile platform to the kiteworks suite,[41] which allows employees to securely access and share content from third-party providers from their laptops, smartphones, tablets and wearable devices.[2]


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