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Industry Data center monitoring, Business service management, Security information event management, Machine-generated data analytics
Founded 2007
Founders Imin Lee and Partha Bhattacharya
Headquarters Santa Clara, CA, USA
Key people
  • Thomas Kelly (President and CEO)
  • Partha Bhattacharya (CTO, Co-founder)
  • Charlie Velasquez (CFO)
  • Haibei Wang (VP, Engineering)

AccelOps virtual appliance software platform brings together traditionally disparate silos of analytics data into a cohesive, holistic, single-pane-of-glass-view into an organization's network. Accelops patented analytics cross-correlates, in real-time, Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) analytics from the Security Operations Center (SOC) and Applications Performance Management (APM) analytics from the Network Operations Center (NOC) to more rapidly identify threats to network security, compliance and performance. Accelops unique platform is fundamentally changing the ways organizations are managing threats to their network security and performance.

The Accelops platform self-learns all the elements in an organization's network and Data Center Infrastructure including network devices, environmental equipment such as UPS, servers, storage, hypervisors, and applications and creates a Centralized Management Database (CMDB). The Accelops CMDB tool maps (physical, and logical topology) of all the elements and applications and their interdependencies. The CMDB continues to self learn and report on any (planned or unplanned) changes to the network environment for ongoing performance, availability, security and change management for IT service management.


AccelOps' is helping hundreds of organizations, across 6 continents, with data center and IT service management platform, operational data collection, holistic monitoring, predictive alerting, root-cause analysis and detailed reporting on all IT event log and performance data acrossnetwork management, systems management, applications, virtualization, vendors and technology systems.

Integrated datacenter monitoring functionality includes:

AccelOps software is deployed on-premises as a "virtual appliance" on VMware with no agents required.[1] As of December 2012, AccelOps claimed it was used to monitor 350 datacenters.[2]


AccelOps is short for Accelerate Operations.[3] The Silicon Valley-based company is privately held, venture-backed and led by the team that created the Cisco Security Monitoring, Analysis, and Response System (CS-MARS) security appliance. Imin Lee and Partha Bhattacharya left Cisco Systems in 2007 and founded the company.[4] By 2009 the company had $8 million in funding and 48 employees.[3]


The product was described as the "best integrated security" in a marketing research report in 2012.[5] AccelOps was selected by Gartner Group as one of the "Cool Vendors in IT Operations Management" for 2012.[6]

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