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Owned by M/C Partners
Ridgemont Equity Partners
Country United States
Headquarters 7844 Woodland Center Blvd Tampa, Florida
Formerly called Better Health Network, 1998

AccentHealth is a healthcare media company providing patient education at the “point-of-care” in physician waiting rooms. AccentHealth’s service currently reaches 30,000 medical offices and over 70,000 medical practitioners, and features a doctor office waiting room television network with exclusive programming produced by CNN and co- hosted by CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta and HLN Morning News Anchor Robin Meade. AccentHealth provides service at no costs to physician’s offices, and the service is supported by advertisers in the health and wellness categories.

AccentHealth was founded in Tampa, FL in 1995 by Philip M. Cohen and Richard Ruth. It was acquired by two private equity firms,[1] M/C Partners and Ridgemont Equity Partners (formerly Bank of America Capital Investors) in 2008 from John Malone’s Ascent Media Corp. The CEO of AccentHealth is Daniel Stone, formerly CEO of Imaginova Corp.

AccentHealth’s healthy lifestyle programming[2] is designed to educate patients by exploring a variety of topics including medical breakthroughs, condition-specific segments, parenting issues, nutrition, safety and wellness. AccentHealth’s programming has been recognized in multiple award categories, by the Health Information Resource Center.[3]

The company recently acquired two competing point-of-care networks – in November 2012, it acquired the wallboard division of the Havas Impact Group,[4] and in February 2013 the in-office television network of Everwell.[5]

In May 2013, AccentHealth was a co-founder of the Point-of-Care Communication Council [PoC3].[6] On behalf of its healthcare media and information company members, the PoC3 advocates for the effective use of the Point-of-Care channel to advance health and healthcare outcomes.

The company’s website provides further information about their programming and as well as a list of members of its Medical Advisory Board.


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