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OriginMinsk, Belarus
GenresHeavy metal
Years active1986–2008
Associated actsOtrazhenie, Kvinta, Ruble Zone, Песняры , Верасы, Сузорье, Алёна Свиридова, Joe Lynn Turner

Accent (Акцент) is Belarusian heavy metal band from the city of Minsk. The band played an important role in the development of contemporary music in Belarus.

Early years (1986–1988)[edit]

Accent was founded in 1986 by Michael Brusovanik, former guitarist of Belarusian hard rock band Отражение (en: Reflection), and Andrey Hmelnitsky. Accent's professional career began, when the band was invited to play at one of the first rock festivals in Minsk. Following the festival, the band received a national recognition, a recording deal from the Belarus Radio Recording and an employment contract with Philarmony of the Belarusian State University of Culture and Arts Minsk Institute of Culture.

Songs of the band were often played on TV and radio. The band participated in hard rock festivals and has been considered de facto leader of the Belarusian rock music. Songs Actor (Актёр), Fathers and Sons(Отцы и Дети) as well as a song by Anna Kozlova 'Спачатку' with vocals recorded by Julia Skorohod, member of Verasy, climbed to the top of the belorussian hit-parade.

In 1988, when the band was on top of success, Sergey Makljak left. Vladimir Kosonogov joined Victor Naumik and Igor Grib in Kvinta, the band of a similar style-a laureate of festivals in Novopolotsk and Minsk; Hmelnitskiy joined band Magistrat. Guitarist Victor Smolsky and drummer Anatoly Horbach were temporarily conscripted to keep Accent alive for a participation in the rock festival in Mogilev.

Orientir period (1988–1989)[edit]

After about half a year Kvinta and Accent united under the name of Accent. The new Accent participated in rock festivals in Russia, France and Czechoslovakia and toured in Belarus and Russia, including concerts with a Finnish group Zero Nine. In 1989 Accent recorded its second album in the recording studio of Alex Gerasimovich. In 1991 Michael Brusovanik, moved to the United States, Victor Naumik and Gavrilenko joined Anatoly Horback in Ruble Zone and the band ceased its activity.

Hiatus, reunion and the future[edit]

Victor Naumik and Gavrila reunited the band in 1997, released its third album in Mozyr, Belarus,in the studio of the band Отражение. Accent toured and participated in rock festivals in Poland,where in 1998 group released its last album 'Rock Ballads'. 2007-2008 saw a short commemorative reunion tour. The final show was held in Minsk, Belarus.

In 2014 the band reunited to work on its fifth album.

Band members[edit]


  • Michael Brusovanik (Михаил Брусованик) - guitar
  • Andrey Hmelnitskiy (Андрей Хмельнитский) - bass
  • Sergey Maklyak (Сергей Макляк) - vocals
  • Vladimir Kosonogov (Владимир Косоногов) - drums
  • Pavel Orehovskiy (Павел Ореховский) - keyboards


  • Victor Naumik (Виктор Наумик) - guitar
  • Michael Brusovanik (Михаил Брусованик) - guitar
  • Sergey Maklyak (Сергей Макляк) - vocals
  • Igor Grib (Игорь Гриб) - bass
  • Vladimir Gavrilenko "Gavrila" - keyboards
  • Vladimir Kosonogov (Владимир Косоногов) - drums


  • Victor Naumik (Виктор Наумик) - guitar
  • Michael Brusovanik (Михаил Брусованик) - guitar
  • Igor Grib (Игорь Гриб) - bass
  • Vladimir Kosonogov (Владимир Косоногов) - drums
  • Alexander Moskalenko "Moskal" (Александр Москаленко) - drums
  • Alexander Severin - vocals
  • Vladimir Gavrilenko - keyboards

1997, 2007-2008

  • Victor Naumik (Виктор Наумик) - guitar
  • Anatoliy Kolyada (Анатолий Коляда) ("Тофик") -drums
  • Victor Lihodievskiy (Виктор Лиходиевский) - vocal
  • Igor Kovalyov (Игорь Ковалёв) - bass
  • Vladimir Gavrilenko(Владимир Гавриленко) - keyboards

2017- Now

  • Evgeniy Tsilikov (Евгений Циликов) - guitar
  • Andrey Medvedsky (Андрей Медведский) -drums
  • Anton Kostyukov (Антон Костюков) - vocal
  • Alexander Binzhuk (Александр Бинжук) - bass
  • Vladimir Gavrilenko(Владимир Гавриленко) - keyboards


  • 1989: Wind of Fortune (Ветер Удачи)
  • 1997: Accent (Акцент)
  • 1987: Rock Ballads(Баллады)
  • 2015: ASCENT

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