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IndustryWeb accessibility
FounderDekel Skoop, Gal Vizel, Shir Ekerling
Tel Aviv
ProductsWeb accessibility softwares

accessiBe is a technology company working to solve the problem of web accessibility through AI.[1][2] The company has raised $58 million in two rounds of funding.[3][4][5][6][7]


accessiBe was founded in 2018 by Dekel Skoop, Gal Vizel and Shir Ekerling.[8][9] The founders worked on developing proprietary software in order to make websites accessible for people with disabilities.[10][11][12]

accessiBe launched its software product as a tool that scans and attempts to remediate websites in real-time, attempting to achieve ADA compliance through implementing WCAG 2.1 guidelines.[13][14] The product claims to make website publishers ADA compliant within hours of deploying accessiBe's code, so that people with disabilities can easily access and interact with these websites.[15][16]


accessiBe first raised $500,000 from private investors including Nadav Dakner, Elad Mor, Itai Elizur, Oron Yaffe.[17] In May 2020, the company raised $12 million in Series A funding from K1 Investment Management.[18][19][20][21] In February 2021, closed its series A funding with $28 million from K1 Investment Management, a Los Angeles-based private equity firm investing primarily in software and technology private companies across North America, took a minority stake in accessiBe Systems Ltd. with intentions to help accessiBe to expand in North America.[1][22][23][24]

By February 2021, accessiBe's annual recurring revenue has shown a growth of more than 3.5x in 12 months, which led to additional funding from K1, totaling $28 million.[25] Company leaders have announced that they are planning to use the funds to significantly expand its US presence, grow its R&D department and continue educating the market on the importance of web accessibility.[26][27]

In August 2022 accessiBe raised an additional $30 Million as an extension to its previous Series A[28][29] bringing its total funding to $58 Million.

Criticism and concerns[edit]

Many web accessibility experts agree that accessibility overlay software like AccessiBe can actually cause accessibility issues and create a false sense of accessibility for their clients.[30]

  • During their 2021 convention the National Federation of the Blind made resolutions that condemned the use of accessibility overlays as an inadequate solution[31] and described accessiBe's marketing and business practices as "disrespectful and misleading".[32]
  • Steve Faulkner, member of the W3C Web Platforms Working Group,[33] says accessibility plugins can't fix fundamental issues or replicate existing browser functionality.[34]
  • Haben Girma, disability rights lawyer, author, and speaker, urges companies to stay away from accessiBe and other companies in the same space.[35]

Many industry professionals have criticized the entire product category.[36][37]


There have been around 100 lawsuits against companies after they invested in a widget-based solution,[38] most prominently ADP,[39] and two have named accessiBe specifically: Thomas Klaus and Robert Jahoda v Upright Technologies,[40] and Kolesar v. Bylt, LLC.[41]

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