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Traded as LSEACSO
Industry Amusement park virtual queue systems
Predecessor The Tellurian Devices Company
Founded August 2000 (2000-08) (Lo-Q)
Founder Leonard Sim
Headquarters Berkshire, England
Area served
Key people
Tom Burnet (CEO) John Alder (CFO), Steve Brown (COO)
Services ticketing, virtual queuing, guest management, ecommerce, access control
Revenue Increase £29.1 million (2012)[1]
Profit Increase £3.2 million (2012)[1]
Total equity Increase £7.5 million (2011)[1]
Divisions accesso LoQueue
accesso Passport
Subsidiaries Located in Europe and North America

'accesso' (formerly Lo-Q) is a publicly listed technology company based in Berkshire, England.[2] The company designs and integrates ticketing and virtual queue systems in amusement parks, water parks and other attractions.


The concept of virtual queuing for amusement rides dates back to several World's fairs in the 20th century where time tickets were printed for attractions.[3] In the 1990s, Leonard Sim realised the need for a similar system for amusement parks.[4] In 1998, the first system was developed and prototyped at Thorpe Park.[5] In August 2000, Lo-Q was formed.[6] The company has since developed products such as the Qbot, Qtxt, Qband and Qsmart which operate at various locations across the world.[7]

On 5 December 2012, Lo-Q announced its acquisition of leading US ticketing and e-Commerce company, accesso, for £13.7 million. In November 2013, Lo-Q repositioned their overall brand as accesso to reflect the company's operations.[8] On 5 December 2013, accesso acquired leading North American ticketing and point-of-sale provider, Siriusware. The company now operates with three divisions: accesso LoQueue, accesso Passport and Siriusware.[9]


A Qbot at Mirabilandia in Italy

The LoQueue division's primary industry is in virtual queue devices for amusement parks, water parks and attractions. Their products include the Qbot, Qband and Qsmart.[7] Several patents have been registered for their concepts.[10][11][12]

The 'Qbot' is the division's most widely sold product. It is a handheld device which park guests can rent for the day. On the device, users can select an amusement ride they wish to queue for and the device will add them to a virtual queue. The Qbot device will notify users once their virtual queue time has elapsed through vibration and beeping.[13] In 2011, the 'Qband' was introduced for use at water parks. The device, which is similar in size and shape to a watch, functions similarly to the Qbot.[14] The Qsmart requires users to have a smartphone which they can use to join virtual queues in a similar method to the Qbot.[15] It replaced the Q-txt product which allowed any mobile phone to register a spot in virtual queues.[13]

The company has also entered into a memorandum of understanding with MasterCard to develop a contactless payment system, similar to PayPass, where users can pay for items with their Qbot.[16]


Amusement park Introduced Terminated Product Branding
Camelbeach 2013 Qband Speed Pass
Dollywood July 2006 Qbot Q2Q [17]
Dollywood's Splash Country January 2013 Qband Time Saver [18]
Dreamworld 18 December 2008 (Qbot, Qsmart added in 2013) Qbot, Qsmart Q4U [17]
Flamingo Land 8 April 2009 Q-txt Q Buster [17]
Great Escape [nb 1] Qbot Go Fast Pass [19]
Heide Park 2011 Qbot Express Butler [20]
La Ronde April 2007 Qbot Flash Pass [17]
Lake Compounce April 2010 End of 2010 Q-txt [17]
Legoland Deutschland 30 March 2012 Qbot Q-BOT [20]
Legoland Windsor February 2008 Qbot Q-BOT [17][20]
London Eye November 2011 Qsmart [15]
Mirabilandia 11 April 2009 Qbot VPass [17]
Movie Park Germany March 2011 Qbot TIM [21]
Parque Isla Magica May 2009 Q-txt [17]
Pleasure Beach Blackpool 2011 Speedy Pass [13]
Raging Waters San Dimas 2013 Qband H2GO Pass [22]
Six Flags America April 2010 Qbot Flash Pass [17]
Six Flags Discovery Kingdom February 2009 Qbot Flash Pass [17]
Six Flags Fiesta Texas Qbot Flash Pass
Six Flags Great Adventure Qbot Flash Pass
Six Flags Great America Qbot Flash Pass
Six Flags Hurricane Harbor 2012 Qband Flash Pass [17]
Six Flags Magic Mountain March 2009 Qbot Flash Pass [17]
Six Flags México [nb 1] Qbot Flash Pass
Six Flags New England Qbot Flash Pass
Six Flags Over Georgia 2001 Qbot Flash Pass [23]
Six Flags Over Texas Qbot Flash Pass
Six Flags St. Louis Qbot Flash Pass
Six Flags White Water July 2011 Qband Flash Pass [21][24]
Splish Splash January 2012 Qband H2GO Pass [21]
Thorpe Park 1999 [nb 1] Qbot Fast Track
Universal Islands of Adventure Qbot Q-bot
Universal Studios Qbot Q-bot
Vialand 2013 Qbot & Qsmart Express Pass
Walibi Holland October 2012 Qsmart Fast Lane [25]
Wet'n'Wild Las Vegas June 2013 Qband Xpress Band [26]
Wet'n'Wild Orlando Qband Xpress Band
Wet'n'Wild Phoenix June 2013 Qband Xpress Band [26]
Zoombezi Bay March 2012 Qband [21]


accesso Passport is the company's e-commerce and ticketing division. Ticketing products have been purchased by a variety of chains around the world including Cedar Fair,[27] Six Flags,[28] and Palace Entertainment.[29]


In 2008, accesso Passport ticketing solution won the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) award for Best New Product in the Revenue and Admission Control category.[28]

In 2011, the company, operating as Lo-Q, won the Queen's Award for International Trade as a result of the company doubling their exports and increasing their international sales by 120% over the course of 3 years.[13][30]

In November 2012, the IAAPA Brass Ring Award was presented to the company for its Qband.[31]

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