Accessories (album)

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Accessories – Rarities and B-Sides
The Gathering accessories.jpg
Compilation album by The Gathering
Released August 22, 2005
Recorded 1995–2000
Genre Progressive metal, alternative rock, experimental rock
Length 144:14
Language English
Label Century Media
Producer Siggi Bemm, Waldemar Sorychta, and The Gathering

Accessories – Rarities and B-Sides is a compilation album by Dutch alternative rock band The Gathering. The album was released on August 22, 2005 by Century Media. The album features B-sides and demos the group released from 1995 to 2000 while with Century Media.[1] The first disc is compiled from B-Sides taken from The Gathering's out-of-print single releases, whilst the second disc is composed of demo recordings from the albums Nighttime Birds and How to measure a planet?. Included are such rarities as their cover versions of Talk Talk, Dead Can Dance and Slowdive.

Track listing[edit]

Disc 1 – B-Sides
No. Title Original Release Length
1. "In Motion #1" (live) Strange Machines single 7:54
2. "Leaves" (live) Strange Machines single 6:15
3. "Adrenaline" Adrenaline/Leaves single 4:13
4. "Third Chance" (alternate version) Adrenaline/Leaves single 5:35
5. "Strange Machines" (live with orchestra) The May Song single 6:51
6. "In Power We Trust the Love Advocated" (Dead Can Dance cover) Kevin's Telescope single 4:04
7. "When the Sun Hits" (Slowdive cover) Kevin's Telescope single 4:51
8. "Confusion" (demo/EROC session) Kevin's Telescope single 7:16
9. "Shrink" (Alternate Version) Liberty Bell single 2:13
10. "Frail" (live) Liberty Bell single 3:58
11. "Theme from 'The Cyclist'" Rollercoaster Single 3:21
12. "Leaves" (live with orchestra) Rollercoaster single 4:11
13. "Life's What You Make It" (Talk Talk cover) Amity single 4:52
14. "Amity" (live at Isabelle) Amity single 6:11
Disc 2 – Rarities
No. Title Length
1. "New Moon, Different Day" (Demo/EROC Session) 6:17
2. "Kevin’s Telescope" (Demo/EROC Session) 4:47
3. "Shrink" (Demo/EROC Session) 3:59
4. "The Earth Is My Witness" (Demo/EROC Session) 6:08
5. "Diamond Box" (Demo/EROC Session) 4:41
6. "Nighttime Birds" (Demo/EROC Session) 7:01
7. "On Most Surfaces" (Demo/EROC Session) 7:30
8. "Hjelmar’s" (Demo/EROC Session) 1:35
9. "My Electricity" (Demo) 3:03
10. "Probably Built in the Fifties" (Demo) 8:25
11. "Illuminating" (Demo) 5:27
12. "Red Is a Slow Colour" (Demo) 6:08
13. "Travel" (Demo) 7:28



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