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Acciaio class submarine.jpg
Italian Acciaio-class submarine (Porfido)
Class overview
Name: Acciaio class
Operators:  Regia Marina
Preceded by: Adua class
Succeeded by: end of 600 series
In commission: 1941–1966
Completed: 13
Lost: 8
General characteristics [1][2]
Type: Submarine
  • 697 long tons (708 t) surfaced
  • 850 long tons (864 t) submerged
Length: 60.18 m (197 ft 5 in)
Beam: 6.44 m (21 ft 2 in)
Draught: 4.78 m (15 ft 8 in)
  • 14 knots (26 km/h; 16 mph) surfaced
  • 7.7 knots (14.3 km/h; 8.9 mph) submerged
Range: 3,180 nmi (5,890 km) at 10.5 kn (19.4 km/h) surfaced
Test depth: 80 m (260 ft)
Complement: 45

The Italian Acciaio-class submarine[1][2] (also sometimes called Platino class[3]) was the fifth subclass of the 600 Series of coastal submarines built by the Regia Marina. They were completed during the early 1940s and saw service in World War II.

Design and description[edit]

The Acciaios were a development of the Adua and Perla designs, with some improvements, such as a lower conning tower to improve stability and reduce the silhouette.[2] Of the 13 vessels in the class, six were built by CRDA at Monfalcone, four by OTO at Muggiano, and three by Cantieri Tosi in Taranto, the three main Italian shipyards for submarines. They were single-hulled with side tanks, and built to a Bernardis design, though the Tosi vessels had more powerful engines (at the expense of the two stern torpedo tubes), giving a surface speed of 14.7 knots (27.2 km/h; 16.9 mph).

The word Acciaio means "steel", and all vessels in this class were named for metals and minerals.


Ship Builder[1] Launched[1] Fate[1]
Acciaio OTO 20.7.41 torpedoed 13.7.43 by HMS Unruly
Alabastro CRDA 18.12.41 bombed 14.9.42 by Allied aircraft
Argento Tosi 22.2.42 sunk 3.8.43 by USS Buck
Asteria CRDA 25.6.41 sunk 17.2.43 by HMS Easton, HMS Wheatland,
Avorio CRDA 6.9.41 sunk 8.2.43 by HMCS Regina
Bronzo Tosi 28.9.41 captured 12.7.43 by British destroyers
Cobalto OTO 20.7.41 rammed 12.8.42 by HMS Ithuriel
Giada CRDA c10.7.41 surrendered at armistice Sept 1943
Granito CRDA 7.8.41 torpedoed 9.11.42 by HMS Saracen
Nichelio OTO 12.4.42 surrendered at armistice Sept 43
Platino OTO 1.6.41 surrendered at armistice Sept 43
Porfido CRDA 23.8.41 torpedoed 6.12.42 by HMS Tigris
Volframio Tosi 9.11.41 scuttled at armistice sept 43; raised by Germans, sunk in Allied air raid 1944


Of the 13 vessels completed 8 were lost in action, serving in the Mediterranean theatre of operations.

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