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Single by Édith Piaf
Language French
Released 1940
Songwriter(s) Michel Emer (music and lyrics)[1]
Music video
"L'Accordéoniste" (French TV, 1954) on YouTube

"L'Accordéoniste" is a song made famous by Édith Piaf. It was written in 1940 by Michel Emer, who then offered it to her.

Commercial performance[edit]

"L'Accordéoniste" became the first million-seller in Piaf's career.[2]


The song tells a story of a prostitute who loves an accordion player (and the music he plays, namely a dance called java). Then he has to leave for the war. She finds refuge in music, dreaming about how they will live together when he comes back.[3][4][5][6]

Track listings[edit]

10" shellac single Polydor 524 669 (France, 1940)

  1. "Escales"
  2. "L'Accordéoniste"[7]


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