Accordion (film)

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Directed by Igor Savchenko
Written by Igor Savchenko
Aleksandr Zharov (ru)
Music by Sergei Pototsky
Cinematography Yuli Fogelman
Yevgeni Shneider
Release date
  • 1934 (1934)
Running time
66 minutes
Country Soviet Union
Language Russian

Accordion (Russian: Гармонь, translit. Garmon) is a 1934 Soviet musical film directed by Igor Savchenko.[1]


The merry village accordionist Timofey Dudin, or as known by his nickname Timoshka, is elected secretary at one of the Komsomol units. This high office, in his opinion, is not compatible with playing on the accordion. The unusual prolonged silence leads quickly to a discord between the true Komsomol and the kulak supporters which causes Timoshka to pick up his accordion again ...



Poet Aleksandr Zharov assisted Savchenko with the rhymed dialog. The film was made from concept to release in eight months at a time when the average production time would extend into years.[2]



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