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The Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal is a peer-reviewed academic journal on accounting theory and practice, published by Emerald Group Publishing.


The journal was established in 1988 as part of the Interdisciplinary and Critical Perspectives on Accounting Project at the University of Sheffield, established by Tony Lowe.[1] It is described as "an accounting and management research journal that publishes papers on the interaction between accounting and auditing on the one hand and their institutional, socio-economic, political and historical environment on the other."[2] The editors-in-chief are Lee Parker (RMIT University, Australia) and James Guthrie (Macquarie University, Australia),[3] the co-founding editors of the journal.[2]

The journal also publishes poetry and short prose from accounting and management academics,[2] reviewed by a literary editor, for example, a work by Ruth Hines.

The journal sponsors The Asia-Pacific Interdisciplinary Research Conference in Accounting, which is held every three years.[2]


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