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Accredited Symbian Developer (ASD) was an (now defunct) accreditation program for software developers using Symbian OS, a mobile phone operating system, having been terminated in April 2011 after the closure of the Symbian Foundation. The scheme was operated independently on the Foundation's behalf by Majinate Limited, which also closed for business when the Foundation closed.

Qualifications required[edit]

The primary qualification for being accredited as an ASD was a pass in an on-line multiple choice examination that adhered to the Principles of Symbian OS curriculum. This curriculum was reviewed on an annual basis to ensure that the accreditation kept up to date with developments in the Symbian operating system. The final release of the curriculum was made in 2009 although it still adhered closely to the ASD Primer, a learning aid published by Wiley under the Symbian Press imprint.


The final version of the curriculum contained the following major topics:

Each topic was assessed and marked separately in the examination and a pass required both a high score and coverage of the majority of topics.

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