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Accuride International Inc.
Industry Furniture hardware
Founded 1962
Headquarters Santa Fe Springs, California, United States
Number of employees
Accuride Corporation (Indiana), an unrelated company, is a manufacturer of vehicle wheels.

Accuride International Inc. is a manufacturer of drawer slides for commercial, residential and industrial applications,[1] based in Santa Fe Springs, California and has about 2000 employees.[2]

Accuride is a well-known maker of drawer slides among woodworkers, and is particularly known for its full-extension slides.[3] Accuride holds dozens of patents in drawer slide technology.[4] The company's slide products are found in furniture and cabinetry, major appliances, electronic enclosures, automobiles and utility vehicles, and industrial equipment and machinery.[5]

Accuride has about 1,000,000 square feet of manufacturing space in China, Germany, Japan, Mexico, the UK, and the US.[2][6] Its manufacturing plant in Charlotte, North Carolina, United States closed in 2001.[7]


Accuride began as a small tool and die shop founded by Fred Jordan in 1962 in South Gate, California. The company produced slides for tape drives and copy machines.[8]


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