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AceProject logo
AceProject logo
Web address
Slogan Discover the power of online team collaboration!.[1]
Commercial Yes
Type of site
Registration Required
Available in English and French
Content license
Owner Web systems Inc.
Created by Daniel Raymond
Launched March 1, 2003; 13 years ago (2003-03-01)
Alexa rank
28,760 (as of June 2012)[2]
Current status Online

AceProject is a high-level web-based proprietary project management software developed by a Canadian company Websystems Inc. based in Quebec City, Canada.[3] The product is distributed both as software as a service (SaaS) and as on-premises software.[4]


The product was launched in 2001 as FreeTaskManager, which was a free and simple task management tool.[5] Daniel Raymond, the creator of software, later added time tracking and project management capabilities, and renamed it AceProject on March 1, 2003. A mobile version followed on December 6, 2010.[6][7]

As of August 2011, AceProject was the fourth most popular project management software on Yahoo! Directory.

In 2013, AceProject was ranked as one of the most popular project management solutions on Capterra's Top 20 Most Popular Project Management Software Infographic. [8]

Main features[edit]

Some of the software's features are as follows:

Software also features an API, so that outside parties can develop application, add-ons and plug-ins for user's own use. It can accommodate 650+ languages in its fields/database since it supports UTF-8 encoding.


AceProject has a built-in wizard for new project start-up, where users input basic project information such as ID number, estimate dates, actual dates, estimate expenses, actual expenses, groups, types, priorities, etc. Since this is quite difficult and time-consuming work, software offers use of previously saved projects as a template to create similar projects.[9]

Mobile version[edit]

Since people started using their smart mobile phones in their daily jobs, Websystems decided to go with the mobile version of AceProject which has the same behavior and functionality as the original desktop application, basically serving as a gateway between the device and the web application and user's saved project files and documentation.


In December 6, 2010 the first Android mobile version was launched featuring only some project management tools already used in desktop version of the software. Advanced features, such as that recent projects and tasks are available during the clock in process, were later added.

As of February 20, 2012 mobile version of AceProject is made available in Apple’s App Store.[10]

Worldwide use[edit]

Several large companies including Goodyear, Intel, AT&T, ADP, Panasonic, IBM, Nvidia, Molson Coors Brewing Company, Boston University, DHL, Colgate-Palmolive and Toyota, among others, have chosen AceProject as their project management software.[11]


The software was reviewed by some eminent magazines and software review portals such as The New York Times,[12] TechRepublic,[4] PC Magazine,[13],[14] and PM4Girls.[15] It got very high marks and recommendations due to its simple and user-friendly interface and features as well as for its acceptable pricing.

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