Ace Chemicals

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Ace Chemicals
Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
First appearance "Detective Comics #168" (February, 1951)
Created by Paul Dini, Bruce Timm
In-story information
Type of business Conglomerate
Base(s) Gotham City

Ace Chemicals is a fictional business organization in the DC Comics universe. It was at Ace Chemicals plant where the Joker (when he was Red Hood) fell into a vat of chemicals, creating his trademark look of green hair, chalk white skin, and red lips.

Fictional history[edit]

Ace Chemical was a company based in Gotham City. The plant may be connected to Kane Chemicals, a company owned by the parents of Martha Wayne, which was then sold to Apex Chemicals which then in turn became Ace Chemicals.

On a night of a robbery, the vigilante known as the Batman learned of the gang's plan and intercepted them at the chemical plant. A man calling himself the Red Hood was part of the heist and while trying to escape, he fell from a catwalk into a vat of chemicals. He managed to survive, but exposure to the chemicals left him with green hair, chalk white skin, and red lips. It also drove him irrevocably insane. Abandoning his Red Hood identity, the man took to calling himself the Joker.

Over the years, the Joker has revisited Ace Chemicals several times, and on occasion has even used it as a temporary hideout. He once lured Batman into a trap, hoping to recreate the events that first transformed him into the Joker (with the Batman as the intended target however).

In other media[edit]


Batman: The Animated Series[edit]

Ace Chemicals first featured in Batman: The Animated Series. The Ace company ran several establishments in Gotham City, including the Ace Chemical Plant and Ace Waste Disposal Plant. The Gotham chemical plant was the site of the accident that created the Joker, and seven years later to the day, also spawned The Creeper.

Batman: The Brave and the Bold[edit]

Ace Chemicals is first featured in "Deep Cover for Batman". It is still the place where the Joker is created but on a parallel earth, there was also known to be an Ace Chemical plant where the villain Owlman did exactly the same thing to the hero known as the Red Hood (an alternate Joker) who was using the chemical plant as a hideout; Owlman deliberately dropped the Hood into the vat of chemicals, creating the character's appearance, but keeping his sanity.


Batman: Under the Red Hood[edit]

Ace Chemicals featured in Batman: Under the Red Hood. Batman chases the Red Hood to the Ace Chemical Plant; the site of the first Red Hood's transformation into the Joker.

Batman (1989 movie)[edit]

Ace Chemicals featured in 1989's Batman, but was renamed Axis Chemicals. Carl Grissom has Jack Napier raid Axis Chemicals to remove any evidence of its ties to Grissom's criminal empire, using the raid as a set-up to remove Napier for his affair with Grissom's mistress Alicia. Batman takes down Napier's men and attempts to rescue Napier from falling into a vat of chemicals, but fails in doing so, causing Napier to be changed into the maniacal terror known as the Joker.

Suicide Squad[edit]

Ace Chemicals will be featured in the upcoming film Suicide Squad.[1]

Video games[edit]

Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu[edit]

Ace Chemicals is featured in game Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu.

DC Universe Online[edit]

Ace Chemicals is featured in DC Universe Online located in the Otisburg district of Gotham City. T.O. Morrow is using Ace Chemicals as his hideout while he produces various creations and experiments which were originally intended for the Joker until Morrow betrayed him and began using his creations to create his own army of mutants.

Batman: Arkham City[edit]

A building of Ace Chemicals is featured in Batman: Arkham City as one of the many buildings that were encased inside the walls of Arkham City when it was constructed and was the place where Bruce Wayne has the batpod sent to retrieve his Bat-Suit.

Batman: Arkham Origins[edit]

Ace Chemicals is featured in Batman: Arkham Origins, the Joker can be seen walking through the chemical plant in the Red Hood outfit in a twisted flashback as he talks to Dr. Harleen Quinzel.

Batman: Arkham Knight[edit]

The main facility of Ace Chemicals is featured in Batman: Arkham Knight. Aided by the Arkham Knight's militia, Scarecrow takes over the building in order to mass produce his fear toxin. Upon learning his location, Batman heads to the facility to capture him and rescue the workers that were taken hostage, coming face to face with the Arkham Knight for the first time. Batman manages to rescue the surviving workers and ultimately confronts Scarecrow; however, the villain distracts him with both his knowledge of Barbara Gordon's whereabouts, threatening her life, and the fact that he has produced enough fear toxin in Ace Chemicals to cover the entire Eastern seabord. Taking advantage of Batman's hesitation, Scarecrow locks him up in the control room and escapes, leaving the building to detonate. Batman manages to reduce the fear toxin cloud's radius with a neutralizing agent and to escape before the facility is destroyed, but is exposed to a concentrated dose of fear toxin in the process.

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