Ace Combat Advance

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Ace Combat Advance
SeriesAce Combat
Platform(s)Game Boy Advance
  • NA: February 22, 2005
  • EU: August 25, 2006

Ace Combat Advance is a video game in the Ace Combat series developed by Hungarian studio Humansoft. It is the first in the series for a handheld gaming system. Unlike other flight simulators, it's a top-down shooter similar to Strike (video game series), but using fighter jets. It has been criticized for awkward controls, lack of appeal, difficulty and very poor graphics. Unlike other Ace Combat games, a Japanese release for the title was absent.


In the year 2032, globalization has blurred the borders between countries, and multinational corporations have become worldwide economic superpowers. General Resources Ltd., one of these superpowers, uses state of the art military equipment and their Air Strike Force (A.S.F.) to destroy anybody who could potentially pose a threat to their superiority.

A new international military is created to fight back, spearheaded by an elite fighter squadron called the United Air Defense (U.A.D.). As the newest pilot, you must help your squadron destroy the ASF and bring General Resources Ltd. to their knees.


The player becomes a key pilot in the UAD, and is sent on 12 missions to stop GR's destruction. These missions are very similar to those that one encounters in the rest of the Ace Combat series, but there are a few unique missions that require new tactics.