Ace Records (United Kingdom)

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Ace Records
Parent companyAce Records Ltd.
Founded1978 (1978)
FounderTed Carroll, Roger Armstrong, Trevor Churchill
GenreVarious, reissues
Country of originEngland

Ace Records Ltd. is a British record label founded in 1978.[1] Initially the company only gained permission from the similarly named label based in Mississippi to use the name in the UK, but eventually also acquired the rights to publish their recordings.[2] When Chiswick Records' pop side was licensed to EMI in 1984, Ace switched to more licensing and reissuing work. In the 1980s it also gained the licensing for Modern Records,[2] and its follow-up company Kent Records, whilst in the 1990s, the company bought the labels including all original master tapes.


The following labels are owned or licensed by Ace Records.[3]

  • Ace Records: initially the only label[4] (reissues, also including Ace Records (US)): Rock 'n' Roll, Rockabilly, Rhythm & Blues, Cajun, 1950s and 1960s Pop, etc. It is well known for several series of releases: "The Golden Age of American Rock 'N' Roll"; "Early Girls"; "Teen Beat" (showcasing instrumentals); and "Radio Gold".
  • Beat Goes Public: Rare and Classic Funk
  • Big Beat: 1960s Rock 'n' Roll and Pop
  • Globe Style: World Music
  • Kent Records: Motown, Northern Soul, Deep Soul
  • Kicking Mule: Guitar Music (Stefan Grossman, Bob Brozman, Bert Jansch)
  • Southbound Records: 1970s Soul and Funk (Millie Jackson, Fatback, Sylvester, Joe Simon)
  • Westbound Records: Funk, Soul (Funkadelic, Ohio Players, Detroit Emeralds)

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