Aceh People's Party

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Aceh People's Party
Partai Rakyat Aceh
Chairman Ridwan H Mukthar
Secretary-General Thamrin Ananda
Founded 16 March 2006
Headquarters Banda Aceh
Ballot number 38
DPR Seats N/A (New Party)

The Aceh People's Party (Indonesian: Partai Rakyat Aceh), (PRA) is a regional political party in Indonesia. It is a left-wing party that opposes discrimination against women and has criticised the implementation of Islamic law in Aceh.[1]

The party contested the 2009 elections in the province of Aceh, and set a target of 12 seats (25%) in the Aceh provincial legislature. However, it won only 36,574 votes, 1.7% of the Aceh turnout, and failed to win any seats. The party did not qualify to contest the 2014 elections. [2][3][4]


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