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The Acer n50 is a PDA produced by Acer. It is part of the Acer N Series of PDAs. It is available in two variants, the standard Acer n50, and the Acer n50 Premium, which features a faster processor.



The Acer n50 comes with an Intel XScale 312 MHz processor, while the n50 Premium comes with an Intel XScale 520 MHz processor. Battery life is approx. 4 hours depending on whether Wi-Fi or Bluetooth is turned on.


The Acer n50 has 64 MB of system memory (RAM) and 64MB of Flash Memory. It has a SD slot and a Compact Flash slot, providing much expandability. It has a USB host port, for use of Flash Drives and similar USB Mass Storage Class devices.


The 3.5" TFT LCD display can display 65536 colors at a QVGA resolution (320 x 240).


The Acer N50 uses an unconventional 2.5mm headphone jack. To use headphones with a 3.5mm headphone connector, an adapter must be used. This adapter is included with the Acer N50.


The integrated IrDA, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth allows for connections to the internet and any other devices with IrDA and Bluetooth. The Bluetooth connection allows such things as Bluetooth GPS and Bluetooth Keyboards to be used wirelessly by the Acer n50.

The Wi-Fi card is a Samsung SWL-2450 802.11b-compliant card which supports WEP and WPA (but not WPA2).


Operating System and Bundled Software[edit]

The Acer n50 was one of the last PDAs produced to use the Windows Mobile 2003 SE operating system. Included in the ROM of the device is a backup and restore program for saving the user's settings, and PocketTV Pro which lets the user watch MPEG video files.


The accompanying CD includes Microsoft ActiveSync, Microsoft Outlook 2002, the CNetX Pocket Slideshow Microsoft PowerPoint viewer, and the Adobe Acrobat PDF reader software.

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