Acer obtusifolium

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Acer obtusifolium
Acer obtusifolium 1c.JPG
Scientific classification
A. obtusifolium
Binomial name
Acer obtusifolium
Sm. 1824
  • Acer creticum var. sublobatum Spach
  • Acer orientale subsp. cyprium (Boiss.) A.E.Murray
  • Acer orientale var. obtusifolium (Sm.) Pax
  • Acer orientale subsp. syriacum (Boiss. & Gaill.) A.E.Murray
  • Acer syriacum Boiss. & Gaill.
  • Acer syriacum var. cyprium Boiss.

Acer obtusifolium, common name the Syrian Maple[3] is a Middle-eastern species of maple.


Acer obtusifolium is an evergreen maple that forms a shrub, but can also be grown into a tree to a height of about 16 feet. It has leathery foliage varying from unlobed to tri-lobed. The leaves are normally gray-green.[3]


Acer obtusifolium leaves and Samaras, Mount Lebanon heights.

This species is found from eastern Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Cyprus, and in Israel in Hermon and Galilee. It grows along coastal mountains.[3]


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