Acereros de Monclova

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Acereros de Monclova
Acereros-Monclova.png Logoacerero.png
Team logo Cap insignia
League Liga Mexicana de Beisbol (Zona Norte)
Location Monclova, Coahuila
Ballpark Estadio De Béisbol Monclova
Year founded 1974
Division championships 1998
Former name(s)
  • Acereros de Monclova
  • Mineros de Coahuila
Former ballparks

Navy Blue, White, Turquoise

Ownership Altos Hornos de Mexico
Manager Homar Rojas
General Manager Carlos de la Garza Barajas
Media Zocalo, XHMZI-FM, XHMAP

The Acereros de Monclova (English: Monclova Steelers) are a Mexican Baseball League team that plays in the Zona Norte (Northern Division) of the Mexican League. The Estadio De Béisbol Monclova is their home baseball park, which has a capacity of 12,000 fans. The Acereros replaced the Mineros de Coahuila in the 1976 season. Mario Mendoza agreed to manage it in the 1987 season.


The Steelers of the North is its official name, debuted in the Mexican League on March 23, 1974 under the name "Miners of Coahuila" against the now defunct "Indios of Ciudad Juarez," took place in "Sports Park Ahmsa" Miners team manager was the "Sergeant Shrapnel" Tomas Herrera.

In 1971 it had reached an MLB team to the region. The Pirates of Sabinas which lasted three years playing in the square. And thanks to the efforts of Mr. Harold R. Pape, managed to establish the franchise also in Monclova. Los Mineros de Coahuila name that start Monclova Square headquarters and shared with the town of Sabinas, Coahuila.

In September 1973 he commanded to build the Estadio Monclova, thanks to the State Government at that time the Governor was Mr. Eulalio Gutiérrez Treviño.

On March 16, 1975 Monclova Stadium opened with a game between Mineros de Coahuila and the missing cache of Tampico

In 1976 came his first playoffs, where they were eliminated by Cd Juarez Indians in five games.

In 1980 born to Mexican League Baseball Monclova Steelers, led by Victor Favela.

In 1985 Monclova advanced to the postseason as the third place in the Northern Zone and fell 4-0 to the owls.

Introduced in 1986 the Steelers run record in a season with 203, matching also the more homers in a game. Were classified as the leader of North 76–51 mark, with five-game lead over Monterrey. However, after winning in six games to the owls, could not go further to be removed in seven dramatic games for the Monterrey Sultans.

In 1987 came the revenge on the Monterrey Sultans and eliminated in five games, but then came the Tecolotes and eliminated in five games. Monclova Steelers logo.

In 1990 again the Tecolotes again became insurmountable obstacle and ended all in the first round.

In 1992, Northern Steel Group acquired the franchise of the Steelers, was born the new computer.

In 1993 the Steelers took third place in the North, but fell in five games with the Monterrey Sultans.

In 1996 he returned to the playoffs but beat the Monterrey Sultans 4-2 in the first round.

In 1997 Monclova requires attendance record for all Mexican League Baseball playoff confrontation was against Tabasco Olmec that prevailed in four sets. Monclova Steelers team.

In 1998, when for the first time in 24 years come to an end, in the year were directed by Aurelio Rodriguez, a season in which they had great actuacionesde Jesus "Chito" Ríos, Juan Manuel Palafox, and the offensive power of Boi Rodriguez Luis Raven. In that postseason, Monclova was imposed before the lobster in Cancun and then to the then capital city champion Tigers in seven games. However, the final was anything but falling in four games at the hands of the Warriors of Oaxaca, led at that time by Nelson Barrera Romellón.

In 1999, swept to Cancun, but the Tigers beat the capital to the Steelers 4-2.

In 2001, Monclova won the first round, eliminating the Reynosa Broncos six games, but Mexico's Red Devils prevailed 4-2.

In 2007 he managed to recover from a poor first round where they were in seventh place in the Zona Norte, but in the second round were third, and this earned them to qualify for the playoffs, where they were eliminated by the Monterrey Sultans in seven games.

In 2008 succeeded in winning first place in the Mexican League having a great season, going to the playoffs eliminated the Dorados de Chihuahua in seven dramatic games, going to the final of the Northern Zone confronting the Monterrey Sultans who razed the Steelers in four games.

In 2009 failed to get his pass play-offs due to the rating system, points were left out despite his fourth place in the Northern Zone, finishing with a record of 57-50 with 533 percent.

North The Steelers have Monclova Stadium as home with an 11,000 capacity.

Each year they have an excellent opening, inviting local cheerleading squad to encourage the young Monclovenses Sports, Teams that occur each year and which are well known in the locality for their excellent work are:

Scorpions Cheerleaders School, Municipal Institute of Sport, Joint Coyotes CBTIS 36, Falcons School of Accounting and Management, Fusion Lobos de la Universidad Autónoma de Coahuila.

Steelers team currently has two branches in different leagues in the country, has teamed up with the Oilers in the league Minatitlan Northern Mexico (Sonora Northern League before) the Blues Mexicali Valley and a combined team with the Oilers Minatitlan in the Academy League Baseball "Mr. Alejo Peralta y Díaz Ceballos" Class A.


Monclova Stadium is a baseball stadium located in Monclova, Coahuila, Mexico. It is home to Monclova Steelers. It has natural grass surface and capacity for 11,000 fans. It was inaugurated on March 16, 1975 and remodeled and enlarged in 1996.


Acereros de Monclova roster
Players Coaches/Other


  • 90 Tony Amezcua
  • 73 Robert Carson
  • 40 Manuel Chavez
  • 67 Rene Cross
  • -- Ramon Delgado
  • 62 Joaquin Lara
  • 34 Arcenio Leon
  • 10 Josh Lowey
  •  1 Juan Ramon Noriega
  • 48 Jose Oyervidez
  • 51 Angel Adrian Ramirez
  • 61 Juan Rodriguez Savin
  • 24 Sasagi Sanchez
  • 22 Zack Segovia
  • 38 Hector Velazquez
  • 45 Fabian Williamson


  • 54 Francisco Cordoba
  • 12 Daniel Sanchez


  •  8 Jose Amador
  • 20 Jose Castaneda
  •  6 Hector Garanzuay
  • 14 Antonio Lamas
  • 44 Jose Ruiz
  • 19 Adan Velazquez
  •  4 Amadeo Zazueta




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