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The gens Acerronia was a plebeian family at Rome during the late Republic and early Empire. The most distinguished member of the gens was Gnaeus Acerronius Proculus, consul in AD 37.[1]


The Acerronii may have come from Lucania, where Gnaeus Acerronius Proculus had lived before becoming consul. However, the family was known to Cicero at least a century earlier.[2]


The only praenomen known to have been used by the family is Gnaeus. However, the Acerronii may once have used the name Proculus, which they later bore as a cognomen. They probably also used the feminine praenomen Paulla, which appears as a personal cognomen in the 1st century.[1]

Branches and cognomina[edit]

Two cognomina are associated with the Acerronii; Proculus, which was a common surname in imperial times, and Polla (the feminine form of Paullus), which was probably a personal name and may have been an inverted praenomen.


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