Aces Go Places (film series)

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Aces Go Places
Aces Go Places 1–5 film Blu-ray box set
Traditional 最佳拍檔系列
Simplified 最佳拍档系列
Mandarin Zuì Jiā Pāi Dǎng Xì Liè
Cantonese Zeoi3 Gaai1 Paak3 Dong3 Hai6 Lit6
Directed by Eric Tsang (1-2)
Tsui Hark (3)
Ringo Lam (4)
Lau Kar-leung (5)
Chin Ka-lok (5)
Produced by Karl Maka (1, 4-5)
Dean Shek (1)
Raymond Wong (2-3, 6)
Screenplay by Raymond Wong (1-3, 6)
Karl Maka (4)
Chan Kwok-tse (5)
Starring Sam Hui
Karl Maka
Music by Teddy Robin (1-2, 5)
Sam Hui (1-3)
Ha On-chia (2)
Noel Quinlan (3)
Tang Siu-lam (3)
Tony Lo (4)
Richard Lo (5)
Brother Hung (6)
Cinematography Joe Chan Chun-kit (1, 3)
Paul Yip (1)
Manny Ho (1)
Arthur Wong (1-2)
Johnny Koo (2)
Peter Ngor ((2)
Abdul M. Rumjahn (2)
Bill Chan (3)
Sander Lee (4)
Paul Chan (5)
Joe Chan Kwong-hung (5)
Hung Hin-shing (5)
Herman Yau (6)
Edited by Tony Chow (1-4)
Wong Ming-kong (4)
Wong Ming-lam (5)
Robert Choi (6)
Cinema City & Films Co. (1-5)
Hong Kong Action Stunt (1)
Eastern Bright Motion Picture (6)
Hoi Ming Company (6)
Distributed by Cinema City & Films Co. (1-5)
Mandarin Films (6)
Release date
Running time
565 minutes
Country Hong Kong
Language Cantonese
Box office HK$136,393,124

Aces Go Places, known as Mad Mission in the United States, is a series of Hong Kong action comedy films that are parodies of the James Bond film series.

The films star Sam Hui as King Kong, a master thief and martial arts expert who is aided by his bumbling sidekick, Detective Albert "Baldy" Au, portrayed by Karl Maka.

The series began in 1982, with the first two films directed by Eric Tsang. Subsequent films were directed, respectively by Tsui Hark, Ringo Lam and Lau Kar-leung.

A sixth film, 97 Aces Go Places was made in 1997 with a different cast.

Titles in the series[edit]

[1] [2]

Cast and characters[edit]

Character Film
1 2 3 4 5 6
King Kong Sam Hui
Albert "Baldy" Au Karl Maka
Nancy Ho Sylvia Chang
Giglo Joe Dean Shek
Ding Dong Carroll Gordon
Uncle Wah Cho Tat-wah
Mad Max Chan Sing
Squealie Hon Kwok-choi
Police officer Fung King-man Fung King-man
Albert's 9th floor neighbor Fung King-man
Ballet Director Tsui Hark
Mental patient Tsui Hark
Police officer Tsui Hark
Priest in taxi Raymond Wong
Reverend in wedding Raymond Wong
Senior Police Officer Raymond Wong
Army officer Lee Pang-fei
Police officer Lee Pang-fei
White Gloves Robert Houston Glen Thompson
Nurse Yu Mo-lin
Ambulance Driver George Lam
Bull Yasuaki Kurata
Bull's thug Billy Lau
Fattie Eric Tsang
Mr. Wu Charlie Cho
Mr. Cho Charlie Cho
Rickshaw Sai Gwa-Pau
Baldy Junior Cyrus Wong
Puffer Fish Ricky Hui
Police chief John Shum
Train engineer Lowell Lo
Mr. James Bond Jean Mersant
Tom Collins Peter Graves
Agent 701 Naomi Otsubo
Agent 701 Sally Yeh
Interpol Ice hockey coach Shih Kien
HK Police Ice hockey coach Kwan Tak-hing
Professor Roy Chiao
Brother Thief Leslie Cheung
Sister Thief Nina Li Chi
Rambo Conan Lee
Brother Thief Leslie Cheung
Ellen Ellen Chan
Prisoner Danny Lee
Murderer King Roy Cheung
Woman at window Maria Cordero
God Mother Maria Cordero
Thai horse rider Lau Kar-wing
Thai horse rider Hung Yan-yan
Ho Sik Alan Tam
Ho Sik's father Alan Tam
Drunk Gun Tony Leung
Mandy Ling Christy Chung
Mandy Li Donna Chu
Lui Yu-yeung Francis Ng
Lung Ben Lam
Yu-yeung's killer Billy Chow
Yu-yeung's sidekick Moses Chan
Ching Yue Simon Lui
Mr. Chan Dayo Wong
Driver admiring Sik's car Chin Siu-ho
Fatty Fok Vincent Kok
Fatty's man in black Chin Ka-lok
Fatty's man in black Dion Lam
Retarded man Joey Leung
Police special force Collin Chou
Police special force Timmy Hung