Achante Aanmakkal

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Achante Aanmakkal
Achante Aanmakkal.jpg
Directed by Chandrasekharan
Produced by Prabhakaran
Written by Satheesh Mannur
Screenplay by N. M. Nawaz
Story by Satheesh Mannur
Starring Sarath Kumar
Meghna Raj
Nedumudi Venu
Music by Jassie Gift
Cinematography Dileep Raman
Rajaprabha Creations
Distributed by Hollywood Films
Release date
  • 2 March 2012 (2012-03-02)
Country India
Language Malayalam

Achante Aanmakkal is a 2012 Malayalam film directed by Chandrasekharan, starring Sarath Kumar, Meghna Raj and Nedumudi Venu in the lead roles.[1][2] The film was later dubbed in Tamil as Narasimhan IPS.[3]


Madhava Menon (Nedumudi Venu) is a well respected retired police officer who has two daughters, Meera (Meghana Raj) and Meena (Lakshmi Sharma). Narasimhan. IPS (Sarath Kumar), an efficient police officer in Tamil Nadu, marries Meera and Nandagopan (Jagadish), an officer in Kerala Police who does homework more efficiently than his official work marries Meena. They all live very happily. The state legislative election is announced in the state. There happens a twist in Madhava Menon's life. The leader of a political party digs out an old case (a police custody death of a teenage boy) in order to trap another leader in the opposition party. The case begins to draw big attention and the press comes to Madhava Menon's house to ask him about the case because he was in charge of the police station when the boy died. He tells the media that he killed the boy. It was a surprise to his daughters and sons-in-law. Soon he is arrested and put into the jail. Narasimhan and Nandagopan joins hand and search for the truth because they are sure that their father-in-law did not do such a thing. Also, they doubt that he agreed to have committed the crime to save someone else. Through a series of investigations, Narasimhan and Nandagopan finds the original culprit and proves the innocence of Madhava Menon.



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