Achanurangatha Veedu

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Achanurangatha Veedu
Achanurangatha Veedu.jpg
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Directed by Lal Jose
Produced by Reji Kuthazhath
Written by Babu Janardhanan
Starring Salim Kumar
Music by Alex Paul
Cinematography Manoj Pillai
Edited by Ranjan Abraham
Distributed by Shirdhisayi Films
Release date
28 January 2006
Country India
Language Malayalam

Achanuragantha Veedu (English: The House Where the Father Doesn't Sleep) is a 2006 Malayalam film directed by Lal Jose and written by Babu Janardhanan. The story came to Janardhanan's mind after he watched the Suryanelli rape case proceedings.[1]

It tells the tale of Samuel, a student who falls in love with a Catholic Christian girl named Lillikutty in the 1970s, Shortly after their marriage they convert to Pentecostalism. However, his wife dies at an early stage of their married life, and he must face hardships of raising three daughters alone. The main plot revolves around the mystery of his youngest daughter's disappearance, the crushing truths he faces when he finds out what really happened to her, and the impact on his other daughters as well as his mental stability. The film is unique because of the portrayal of the Pentecostal denomination quite extensively for first time on Malayalam cinema silver screen.[2] Critics described the film as Salim Kumar's "graduation from a comedian to a mature character."[3][4]

A sequel titled Lisammayude Veedu was later produced. It was written and directed by Babu Janardhanan, and released in January 2013.



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