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Achar! (English: Pickle) is a Singaporean English language sitcom that aired for two seasons, from December 2004 until late 2005. It starred Bollywood star Jas Arora, Lim Ru-Ping, Malti Lalwani, Timothy Loh, Steph Song and Rui En. It revolved around an Indian man Ajay Chhabria (portrayed by Arora), who marries a Singaporean girl (played by Song and later En). In some episodes is a special appearance by Nuraliza Osman, who plays Ajay's ex-girlfriend. Other cast members portray members of the couple's family. Its reruns are sometimes shown on MHz Worldview.


Achar! Season 2 Episodes[edit]

The Anniversary (Episode 1)[edit]

It’s a memorable first anniversary when Ajay and Steph both forget their big day. Last minute romance becomes a messy affair, when Uma and the Changs get involved to plan the most romantic first anniversary ever.

Ni Hao Ma (Episode 2)[edit]

Ajay learns Mandarin to help improve his prospects at work. Stephanie thinks it’s a great idea until Uma decides that she has to learn Hindi as well.

Time Together (Episode 3)[edit]

Ajay and Steph make the effort to spend more time together. They decide to take up fencing. The competition starts up and Ajay realizes that it isn’t always the best man that wins.

Pimple Boy (Episode 4)[edit]

His friends think that Walter is “uncool” because he’s got a huge pimple on his forehead. Uma decides to help him be “cool” by clearing up his complexion. Walter has other ideas about what “cool” looks like.

She Works Hard for the Money (Episode 5)[edit]

Infuriated with work 24/7 and no personal time on nights and weekends, Stephanie decides to quit her job at the advertising agency. What will Stephanie do with all her time? Meanwhile, Owen meets Ajay’s ex-girlfriend Priya and goes crazy over her.

What a Tangled Hair Web We Weave (Episode 6)[edit]

When Uma goes shopping, everyone wants her autograph. Could she be the famous cooking oil lady on television? Walter has his own adoring fan too. She’s a little girl with a huge crush on Walter.

Boss Ajay (Episode 7)[edit]

The Thin Blue Line (Episode 8)[edit]

Owen begs everyone to tell him how to find Priya. Rosalind purchases a pregnancy test kit.

Chang Chang Chang (Episode 9)[edit]

Stephanie has come down with chicken pox, scaring Ajay out of their apartment. Rosalind and Uma take classes in Chinese Opera, scaring everyone. Owen continues to chase after Priya.

A Man of Substance (Episode 10)[edit]

With Stephanie away on business, Ajay wants some alone time. He ends up accidentally insulting Uma who gets revenge by using Owen as a son-substitute; but Owen is using Uma to get Priya's attention

All I Have to do is Dream (Episode 11)[edit]

Vincent comes out of retirement to take up his dream job, making Stephanie feel that she may be holding Ajay back from his ideals.

Scent of a Woman (Episode 12)[edit]

Ajay's female boss aggressively peruses him. Vincent has been hired as an substitute mathematics teacher and is harassed by the students. It appears that Priya may give in to Owen's relentless attention.

New York, New York (Episode 13)[edit]

The bank offers Ajay his dream job; a two-year posting in New York, but Stephanie does not want to go.