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Ramchandra Suri (c. 1897? – 1991) was a Jain monk and scholar.


He was born in Samvat 1883 and died in Samvat 1963 (1992 CE).[1]


He established Ramchandra Suri Samuday, an order of Tapa Gaccha sub-sect Svetambara Jainism.

Approximately 20% of all Jain monks and nuns belong to Ramchandra Suri samuday. His samuday had more than 380 monks and 1020 nuns including 41 Acharyas.[citation needed] Gachhadhipati, head of the Samuday, Hembhushansuri died in 2008 at Delhi. On 29 March 2011, Punyapal Suri was appointed as a new Gachhadhipati.

In 2012, Punyapalsuri along with other 21 Acharyas present and adopted a resolution[clarification needed] of "on common consensus", which was endorsed by entire samuday.

Now, with 1450 monks and nuns this is one of the largest group of Tapa Gaccha.[citation needed]


The centenary of his initiation in asceticism was celebrated in Palitana, Ahmedabad, Mumbai and Gandhar in 2012.[2]


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