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Ache Records
Parent companynone
FounderAndy Dixon
GenreIndie music
Country of originCanada
LocationVancouver, British Columbia

Ache Records is an independent record label based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. It was started by musician Andy Dixon around 1999. Ache releases music for both Canadian and international acts.[1] The first release on Ache Records was Hot Hot Heat's 1999 debut, Hot Hot Heat, a four-song EP.[2] Other notable artists to work with Ache include Death from Above 1979, Four Tet, Hrvatski, Konono N°1, and Matmos.[3]

Ache Records releases albums from various disparate genres—University of Saskatchewan newspaper The Sheaf states Ache has an "inconsistency of genres"—and the label distances itself from using genres to describe its releases.[4][5] Ache has been described by the Montreal Mirror as having an "uncanny ability to meld seemingly disparate worlds into a cohesive whole".[6] Discorder magazine named Ache Records "Label of the Year" for 2004, citing a featured review on Pitchfork Media for Flössin's album Lead Singer,[7] as well as the label's DIV/ORCE 7" series.[8]

Ache Records releases[edit]

The first release on Ache Records was Hot Hot Heat's 1999 debut, Hot Hot Heat, a four-song EP.[2] Hot Hot Heat also recorded a split album with The Red Light Sting for the label's (and Hot Hot Heat's) second release.[9]

Andy Dixon's first band, d.b.s., released their final album on Ache in 2001, a five song EP entitled Forget Everything You Know.[10] One thousand copies were issued.[10] Dixon has also released several of his solo albums through the label (as The Epidemic, Secret Mommy, and by his real name), and with the bands The Red Light Sting and Winning.[3]

Femme Fatale's second album, As You Sow, So Shall You Reap, was released by Ache in 2002.[11]

Death from Above 1979 released their 2002 debut Heads Up EP on Ache,[12][13][14] as well as the vinyl edition of their 2004 album You're a Woman, I'm a Machine.[15]

Swedish band Kid Commando released their only album, Holy Kid Commando, with Ache in 2003.[16] They also released a split single with Kid606 for Ache's DIV/ORCE 7" series.[17]

Congolese band Konono N°1 released the vinyl version of their 2004 album Congotronics through Ache.[18][19] Ache has issued three pressings of the album.[20]

DIV/ORCE 7" series[edit]

The DIV/ORCE 7" series features split 7" singles, with the musicians on both sides having different musical styles.[6][21] The series began in order to challenge what Ache Records calls "finicky sub-genrifying",[5] believing instead that "underground art forms should not be defined".[21] Although Ache does not describe the genres of its releases, the Montreal Mirror states the pairings on these albums are typically between electronic and indie rock acts.[6] The split releases in this series include:

Project: Bicycle[edit]

Another project of Ache Records was their compilation album Project: Bicycle. The album had eleven songs by various electronic or electro-acoustic musicians. These musicians were given a single sample of music, a recording of a bicycle recorded by Jesse Gander at Vancouver's Hive Studios, and they were tasked with composing a song using only that sample.[22][23]


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