Acheron Island

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Acheron Island and surrounds (click to zoom).
Acheron Island and surrounds (click to zoom).
Location Border of Halifax Bay
and Coral Sea
Coordinates 18°57′47″S 146°38′17″E / 18.963°S 146.638°E / -18.963; 146.638Coordinates: 18°57′47″S 146°38′17″E / 18.963°S 146.638°E / -18.963; 146.638
Population 0

Acheron Island is one of the islands South of the Great Palm Island group. The island is halfway between Magnetic Island and Great Palm Island.

The island lies near the border of Halifax Bay and Coral Sea, east of Rollingstone and north of Townsville about 40 km (25 mi).

The island is just north of Rattlesnake Island, where the RAAF practices bombing raids. Other nearby islands are Herald Island, Bramble Island, and Cordelia Rocks

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