Acheron River (Marlborough)

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Acheron River
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Acheron River
Country New Zealand
Location Marlborough and Canterbury Regions, South Island
River mouth Confluence with Clarence River
Progression South-southwest
River system Clarence River system
Physical characteristics
Length 60 km (37 mi)

The Acheron River is a river in the South Island of New Zealand, in Marlborough and flows into the Clarence River. It flows southwest and then east for a total of 60 kilometres (37 mi), joining the Clarence at the southern end of the Inland Kaikoura mountains. The Alma and Severn Rivers flow into the Acheron before it joins the Clarence.

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Coordinates: 42°07′31″S 173°06′12″E / 42.1252°S 173.1033°E / -42.1252; 173.1033